Special Tank Info & Tactics - Tier 3

Apr 25, 2017
Special Tank Info & Tactics - Tier 3
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    Tier 3

    The big guns. These guys will even take out the toughest of teams. Prepare for a hell of a fight. These guys typically have around 300,000 HP.

    Supreme Shaman Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Same as Shaman Tank, plus:
        • Occasionally drops meteors from the sky
        • Has a drain effect (doesn't regen health from it)
        • Will randomly poison nearby survivors for 20 seconds.
        • Will randomly cause Radiation Exposure to nearby survivors
        • Every time the tank punches a survivors, it has a 1/3 chance to deal a random status condition to them
    • Tactics:
      • Pretty much follow Shaman's Tactics, the Shaman Handler also works for this tank.
      • Try to find some cover when it drops the meteors, or you might get stun-locked.
      • Use pills if you must to remove the poisoning, and remember to self revive if your allies can't get you up whilst poisoned.
      • If you are irradiated, get away from your team, it can cause significant damage to them.
      • If you are barraged with tons of status conditions, you can use a Health Dispenser to get rid of them.

    Fighter Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Above average claw damage
      • High swing speed
      • When it punches an incapacitated survivor, a different sort of earthquake is produced, launching survivors further away rather than higher up.
      • Will randomly dive bomb, damaging nearby survivors.
    • Tactics:
      • Do not fight indoors or close quarters. If someone gets downed in close quarters, the tank will quickly pound them to death, bouncing around nearby survivors, preventing them from reviving the downed survivors.
      • The dive bomb is fairly easy to avoid, when you see it jump up, just run.
      • The tank can hit a downed survivor multiple times in quick succession, which means even in open areas, you should be careful about not dying to fall damage, as the earthquake launch stacks.
      • You can follow similar tactics to the Knight Tank, but do note, the Knight Handler does not work for this Tank.

    Infernal Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Randomly drops fire, and fire will drop from its rock's impact.
      • Takes 50% less damage if not exposed to water.
      • Occasionally drops meteors nearby itself.
      • Launches an earthquake upon punching a downed survivor. (similar in strength to Paranoid tank earthquake)
      • Common infected that run into it's fire will become demons, dealing more damage and becoming very hard to kill.
    • Tactics:
      • Unlike the Shaman's inferno, the tank does not telegraph when it drops fire, also unlike the Shaman's inferno, it won't kill you instantly, but you should still avoid it.
      • If you can, try to lead it into water.
      • The demons can quickly overwhelm a survivor, so try to dispose of them immediately.

    Executioner Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Claw only does 40 damage to survivors, but will deal 1,200 damage to any incapacitated survivors.
      • Throws a rock which slows, drops fire, and drops acid at the point of impact.
      • The tank is mute and does not emit any sounds.
      • The tank has an Anti-Moustachio aura, completely nullifying the effects of Moustachio Bless nearby the tank.
      • Upon punching a survivor, the survivor gets confused and cannot see their team mates for 20 seconds.
      • The tank will randomly deploy fake distractions, resembling survivors being pinned by imaginary special infected.
      • Summons crows to deal damage over time.
      • Every so often, all survivors will have their HUD temporarily disabled, preventing you from seeing your own or your allies' health.
      • Deploys bombs randomly on the ground, detonating if a survivor gets too close.
      • Deploys a purple square trap, any survivor that enters the square must stay in it for its duration, as leaving the square will deal 300 damage.
      • Spawns Joker Tanks, which last 45 seconds.
      • Upon reaching 5,000 HP, the tanks enters desperation, disabling all other abilities, increasing its claw damage to 300, incap claw damage to 2,400, and increasing the tank's swing and movement speed. At this point, the tank is immortal, and will self destruct after 55 seconds.
    • Tactics:
      • Reviving allies is your top priority. This tank, with all its special abilities, will quickly down survivors, so make sure you stay close together.
      • The tank also will prioritise incapacitated survivors, reinforcing the previous point.
      • Always be near someone else. The tank will incapacitate someone, somehow, so make sure you can easily revive someone, and that you can be easily revived.
      • Defibrillators are also greatly important, but make sure not to use them near the tank, as it will quickly incapacitate and kill them again.
      • Be careful when the tank confuses you, and try to listen out for nearby survivors or gunfire. Additionally, hold your interact button (default E) and run around the place if you hear a survivor getting incapacitated, you may not be able to see them, but you can still save them.
      • It's rocks will quickly tear through a survivor's health. Try to shoot down the rock.
      • Frequently check your own health, and eat pills if you need to, since you probably won't be able to pill revive an ally in time.
      • Try to utilise your First Aid Saving skill. Gather your team mates to a nearby location and quickly heal them all up.
      • You can use the Guardian Moustachio buff to save yourself from one incap hit from the Tank. After one hit, the tank will kill you, so hopefully an ally gets you up before then. This buff only triggers once a map, so it's usefulness is questionable.
      • When the tank enters desperation, simply run and split up. If survivors are too close, the tank will be able to sweep them all. Don't even try to revive, as chances are, you won't be able to in time.

    Joker Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Immortal
      • Does not throw rocks.
      • Deals 0 claw damage.
      • High swing and movement speed.
      • Only spawns from Executioner Tank.
    • Tactics:
      • The sole purpose of this tank is to annoy you. It does no damage, and takes no damage, so try to ignore it.
      • This tank will try to pin you in a corner and repeatedly slap you, so try to avoid getting punching near walls.
      • It will automatically disappear after 45 seconds.

    Supreme Knight Tank(top)

    • Special Abilities:
      • Same as Knight Tank, plus:
        • The automatic earthquake interval is reduced to 25 seconds.
        • The tank has an Enhanced Guardian Aura, increasing effects to up to 90% bonus defense.
        • The tank has an Enhanced Courage Aura, increasing effects to up to 400% bonus damage.
        • Every second, Special Infected nearby have a chance to become Uber Infected, giving them more health and other bonus abilities. The chances are greater the closer the Special Infected is to the tank. There can only be a maximum of 3 Uber Infected on the map at the same time with this effect.
        • It regains flesh armor at a rate of 4 every second.
        • After an earthquake, the victim will produce aftershocks, causing further earthquakes to emit from them. These aftershocks gradually reduce in strength.
        • The tank's punch knockback is greatly increased, and it throws it's rocks faster, which are also explosive.
        • The tank will let out an empowering yell, transforming all Special Infected on the map into Uber Infected. This ability has a long cooldown.
        • The tank will slam the ground with its might, emitting shockwaves from itself for 10 seconds. All survivors, regardless of distance, will also be affected by the first instance of the shockwave.
        • The tank will also occasionally teleport all Special Infected that haven't got a victim to its location.
    • Tactics:
      • Follow similar tactics to the Knight Tank, however you may not want to be indoors all the time as many Special and Uber Infected in close proximity may deal severe damage.
      • Additionally, its shockwave and aftershocks can make it difficult to aim and shoot.
      • It is highly recommended that a few members of team, if not at least 1 person, focus solely on the Special Infected. The buffs the Supreme Knight gives to them can make them extremely powerful, easily wiping a strong team.
      • To deal with the Special Infected, use fire. Either fire ammo or molotovs work, as one tick of fire will melt them in seconds, ignoring the defensive buffs they get.
      • Take care not to settle in too high of a location, the tank's first shockwave can hit you no matter where you are, and the fall damage could be fatal.
      • Try to move away from your team if you are emitting aftershocks, you may knock a teammate into a worse spot.