Paralyzed (SEIG V1.1.10)

Aug 19, 2017
Paralyzed (SEIG V1.1.10)
  • Paralyzed Bad Status Effect
    Your Movement Speed is completely reduced to near null, also makes your lags paralyzed so you are unable to jump. The effects wear off overtime after a while.

    Buff Effect

    Bad Descent Buff (Boomer Only) (Slower Class Only)
    After a survivor lands from your bitch slap there is a 10% probability of them landing on a bad position which will cause a severe injury to their legs and will acquire the paralyzed state. Paralyzed survivors will slowly lose movement speed until they can no longer move for a few seconds. After that they will slowly recover normal speed.

    Paralyze Buff (Jockey Only) (Debuffer Class Only)
    There is a 0.6% chance of paralyzing a survivor with each hit of your claws. A paralyzed survivor will graudally suffer speed reduction up to 65%.
    <Effect lasts 30 seconds>

    PR Notifications (Buffs)

    (Need to go into Versus and bitchslap someone with the buff equipped until I get the PR notification)

    [PR] when you are paralyzed
    [PR] You are paralyzed! Effect lasts 30 seconds
    [PR - GUIDE] Your speed will gradually decrease until you are almost entirely paralyzed
    [PR - GUIDE] Let your teammates know you are paralyzed to get assistance

    [PR] When another player is paralyzed
    [PR] "Player" has been paralyzed!

    [PR] when you are no longer paralyzed

    [PR] you are no longer paralyzed

    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Supreme Shaman, Soldier Tank

    Supreme Shaman Tank:
    (Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank has a 1/3 chance of inflicting a random status condition on any non-downed survivor it punches.

    Soldier Tank:
    (Passive) Long range: When survivors are too far, the tank switches to an AWP sniper. The tank then deals 10% of the survivor's maximum health each 4 seconds. With this weapon the tank will randomly hit survivors in the feet paralyzing them for 30 seconds or in the head dealing 30% of the survivor's current health as additional damage.

    (Grenade) Compressed Air: Anyone caught in the explosion will be violently launched to random directions and receive 100HP damage. Survivors have a random chance of landing in a bad angle that will paralyze them for 30 seconds.

    PR Notifications (PR-Guides/Ability Effects)

    (Same as the PR Notifications above)

    • If you end up getting paralyzed in an area full of infected, get some help out to clear the infected around you before something more bad happens to you.
    • If you don't want to be far away from the team while paralyzed, consider using the health dispenser or the special first aid buffs to quickly get rid of it and catch up with the other survivors if they're ahead.