Marvelous Gaming COOP Special Tank Info & Tactics

Aug 30, 2017
Marvelous Gaming COOP Special Tank Info & Tactics

  • Preface(top)

    Before we begin, here's some general infomation regarding the tanks.

    • All special tanks except the Duelist Tank and Butcher Tank's Meat Shield are melee immune
    • All special tanks except the Armored, Ice, Frozen Drainer, Pestilent & Assassin tanks are fire immune
    • All tanks are immune to explosion stuns/staggering
    • However, the Strength Burst buff can temporarily stagger tanks that have over 50,000 health.
    • Avoid reviving under tanks if you do not have max Helping Hand (upgrade which shortens revive speed)
    • In some finale maps, you can use the minigun to kite the Tank, as the Tank will always go after the minigun.
    • In order to qualify for Tank Rewards, you must have dealt at least 500 damage to it. You can see how much damage you dealt by typing !tankhp, and reading the value in square brackets.
    • Tank aggro is made to chase after those who deal the most damage to the tank. If you are taking more than you can handle, cool off on the damage until you are ready to go again.

    For more detailed information on tanks, you can use the !tankinfo command ingame.

    Tier details(top)

    Tanks are put into tiers, which effectively denote how strong a tank is. For example, an ordinary tank is put into Tier 0, which denotes the weakest tier. A slightly stronger tank, such as the Paranoid tank, will be in Tier 1. Typically, tanks that are in Tiers 2 and 3 will require the Tank Lure skill to spawn, and are considerably tougher than Tier 1 tanks, but their rewards are also significantly higher.

    To learn about a specific tank, select its tier below. If you are unsure, check each tier and use the contents list at the top of the page to see if the tank is in that tier.

    Tier 1(top)

    Tier 2(top)

    Tier 3(top)

    Special Tier(top)