Lethal disease (SEIG V1.1.12)

Aug 22, 2017
Lethal disease (SEIG V1.1.12)
  • Lethal disease Bad Status Effect
    You have been affected by a Lethal disease! You will lose 5% of your missing health every second, this disease lasts until either you die or the tank dies.

    Buff Effect


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    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Sickening Tank

    Sickening Tank:
    (Passive) Lethal disease: If a survivor is affected by a toxic cloud longer than 15 seconds they will be affected by a lethal disease. These survivors will lose 5% of their missing health. The disease lasts until the tank dies

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDE/Ability Effects)

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    • There isn't much you can do except damaging the tank until you die since the Lethal disease Bad Status Effect can't be cured off. If you haven't used up some of your timed buffs yet, be sure to do so for focusing the tank down. This means that your putting in a good team effort so the other survivors can work towards killing the tank after you have died.