Invulnerable (SEIG V1.1.7)

Aug 16, 2017
Invulnerable (SEIG V1.1.7)
  • Invulnerable Good Status Effect
    You become immune to all forms of damage for a limited amount of time.

    Note that the Spitter has a Skill Effect
    Super Girl Skill
    Makes you invulnerable after spitting for up to 2.09 seconds (time depends on skill rank)

    Buff Effect

    Karma Enthusiast Buff (Boomer Only) (Assassin Class Only)
    After a successful karma slap. you will be immune to damage for 5 seconds.

    Victim Attachment Buff (Hunter Only) (Assassin Class Only)
    After successfully pouncing a survivor, you will not be able to be killed unless you get shoved. Effect lasts 0-7 seconds depending on how far you pounced.

    Blood fest Buff (Hunter Only) (Assassin Class Only)
    The amount of blood coming out of the survivors excites you and makes you temporarily immune to damage and shoves. Pouncing on incapacitated survivors will grant you 2 seconds of damage and shove immunity. Incapacitating a survivor with a pounce will grant you 10 seconds of immunity.

    Healing Madness Buff (Spitter Only) (Healer Class Only)
    If a survivor dies inside your acid you will heal for 1000HP per second and will be immune to damage for 20 seconds.

    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Shaman, Breeder, Supreme Shaman Tank

    Shaman Tank:
    (Active) Flesh Shield: Uses death tank bodies to block damage for 5 seconds.

    Breeder Tank:
    (Passive) Breed: The tank spawns a common infected every 2-3 seconds. The infected are immune to damage for 5 seconds and have 1500 health. Shooting or meleeing an immune infected will reflect the damage back at you. (Max. 60 damage per hit)

    (Active) Biological explosion: All common infected bred by the tank become immune to damage for 10 seconds and then explode dealing 200HP to survivors nearby. A single survivor can be affected by more than one explosion at the same time.

    Supreme Shaman Tank:
    (Active) Flesh Shield: Uses death tank bodies to block damage for 5 seconds.

    PR Notifications (PR-Guide/Ability Effects)


    • As a Survivor when the spitter spits and becomes invulnerable, be sure to focus and fire on her so that when her invulnerability expires, you will quickly kill her.
    • As a Spitter, be sure to get away from the survivors quickly after you spit so you don't die when you are no longer immune to damage.
    • If you become invulnerable as a boomer after a successful karma slap, annoy the survivors or if the karma slap is available to use, use it again at the right moment. Otherwise get out of there to a safe place if you cannot do much.
    • If you want to be able to damage without the trouble of other survivors shooting at you, equip both the buffs listed above onto your Assassin Class hunter so that when he pounces, he can keep going at it without dying before and after the survivor is incapacitated for a few moments.
    • You'll know when the Shaman Tank or Supreme Shaman Tank aren't taking any damage by having their glows flash and when they have their flesh shield ability active as indicated by death tank bodies around them, get away from them if you see this. However if you do have the Berserk buff, be sure to activate the effects of it so you can bypass and attack the Shaman or Supreme Shaman Tank.