Increased Movement Speed (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)

Jun 30, 2017
Increased Movement Speed (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)
  • Increased Movement Speed Good Status Effect (Survivor)
    Increased Movement Speed on your feet as a survivor

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] Your Team's Movement Speed has been increased by 15% for 30 seconds.
    When another survivor gets the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] Player's bonus item increased the team's movement speed by 15% for 30 seconds!
    When the bonus toaster effect expires on every survivor currently alive
    [PR] Team movement speed bonus effect expired.

    Buff Effect

    Hyperactive Buff
    After eating pills or using an adrenaline shot, your swing and move speed will increase by 10% for 15 seconds. During the duration of this effect, your swinging stamina will not decrease. Additionally, you are able to run through common infected during the duration.
    <Incompatible with Ninja Buff>

    Immolation Buff
    Pressing the ZOOM key with a molotov in hand will consume the molotov, igniting yourself. You will gain 10% move speed and any infected (not tanks) nearby will immediately catch fire. The burning deals 1 damage every 0.2 seconds, and your defenses will be 0 during the effect.
    <Duration: 30 seconds>
    <COOP only>

    Adrenaline Run Buff
    Gives you infinite adrenaline effect while your team fights tanks.

    Speedy Water Buff
    Instead of reducing your speed in the water, it will increase.

    Finale Dominator Buff
    On finale maps, each Special Infected you kill grants you a stack of Finale Dominator, up to 15 stacks. Each stack gives you +3% attack, +1% defense, +0.4% movement speed, +0.4% fire rate, +1% reload speed and a 2% chance to save ammunition. You will lose a stack of Finale Dominator if you haven't killed a Special Infected in (25-stacks) seconds, if a Special Infected traps you, or if you get incapacitated. You will also lose all stacks on death.

    PR Notifications (Buffs)

    Effect of the Hyperactive Buff as seen from within game

    Effect of the Immolation Buff as seen from within game

    When the effect of the Immolation Buff is active
    [PR] Immolation activated!
    When the effect of the Immolation Buff is no longer active
    [PR] Immolation effect ended.

    When you gain a stack of the Finale Dominator Buff
    [PR] Gained a Finale Dominator stack! [1/15]
    When you lose a stack of the Finale Dominator Buff
    [PR] Lost a Finale Dominator stack! [0/15]

    • If you want to quickly get from one area to another where other survivors need help, you can use the Movement Speed Increase Good Status Effect along with a tank currently in play causing the Adrenaline Run Buff effect and with the Immolation Buff effect active to get there faster without being slowed down. Works well in campaigns with water areas.