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Gel'd (SEIG V1.1.12)

Aug 22, 2017
Gel'd (SEIG V1.1.12)
  • Gel'd Bad Status Effect
    You were covered in gel by the Jelly Tank! You can get rid of this substance by running around.

    Buff Effect


    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Jelly Tank

    (Active) Gel transfer: The tank punches are too slimmy to deal significant damage but will cover survivor in gel. The gel will deal 0.5% of the survivors maximum health per second, per stack. Gel stacks can be lost by moving around to get rid of the deadly gel.

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDE/Ability Effect)

    (None just now)

    • When you are covered in gel by the tank, move around and try not to get aggro'd to avoid obtaining any more stacks. The stacks of gel will clear every few seconds while moving.