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Electrocution (SEIG V1.1.10)

Aug 19, 2017
Electrocution (SEIG V1.1.10)
  • Electrocution Bad Status Effect
    You have been shocked! You now have a random chance to suffer 1 second stuns while being electrocuted for the duration.

    Buff Effects


    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effects (Infected Only): Electric, Supreme Shaman Tank

    Electric Tank:
    (Passive) Electrocute: Targets stunned in water will also be electrocuted, causing them to randomly suffer small stuns afterwards.

    Supreme Shaman Tank:
    (Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank has a 1/3 chance of inflicting a random status condition on any non-downed survivor it punches.

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDE/Ability Effects)

    [PR] When you have been electrocuted by the tank
    [PR] You've been electrocuted!
    [PR] The shocks may randomly stun you!

    [PR] When you are no longer electrocuted

    [PR] The electrocution was neutralized.

    • When fighting the Electric Tank, don't go into the water at all. Getting punched in the water will also cause the electrocution bad status effect on top of your stun bad status effect, making it difficult to get away.