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Doom (SEIG V1.1.9)

Aug 18, 2017
Doom (SEIG V1.1.9)
  • Doom Bad Status Effect
    You are doomed to die, you cannot prevent yourself from dying by this Bad Status Effect.

    Buff Effects


    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effects (Infected Only): Reaper Tank

    Reaper Tank:
    (Passive) Complete destruction: If the tank manages to hit a survivor who is completely alone, it will trigger a powerful neurotransmitter that will inflict complete terror on the victim and will cause him to explode after 6 seconds. This ability is un-avoidable.

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDE/Ability Effects)


    • If you don't want to be inflicted with Doom by the Reaper Tank, DON'T BE ALONE.