Contammination (SEIG V1.1.12)

Aug 22, 2017
Contammination (SEIG V1.1.12)
  • Contamination Bad Status Effect
    The whole entire area has been contaminated by the tank, you will start taking damage until either the tank dies or everyone wipes.

    Buff Effects


    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effects (Infected Only): Sickening Tank

    Sickening Tank:
    (Passive) Contamination: All survivors take 1HP damage per second regardless of location for each minute that pass.

    (With the above ability, it is actually 2HP per second and every 80 seconds or so)

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDE/Ability Effects)

    [PR] When you and every other survivor is affected by Contamination
    [TrueDmg]: 1
    [TrueDmg]: 1

    There is no limit to how high the Contamination damage can go.

    • If you are low on health, make sure to heal before the Contamination kills you off.