Bad Status Effect Immunity (SEIG V1.1.2)

Jun 28, 2017
Bad Status Effect Immunity (SEIG V1.1.2)
  • Bad Status Effect Immunity Good Status Effect
    You become immune to 1 Bad Status Effect that can be inflicted on you as a survivor until it becomes inflicted and blocked

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    The next status condition to affect you will be blocked!

    Buff Effect


    PR Notifications

    When any Bad Status Effect inflicted is blocked by the White Toaster effect.
    [PR] Bad status blocked

    • You can use the Bad Status Effect Immunity to save yourself from a devastating attack afterwards if you were caught off guard by the tank in the wrong situation at the wrong time.
    • If you don't want to be afflicted with a bad status effect that could otherwise lead up to your death, it can save you and allow you to survive if it were to lead to an even more bad situation afterwards.