Ammo Regeneration (SEIG V1.1.3)

Jun 29, 2017
Ammo Regeneration (SEIG V1.1.3)
  • Ammo Regeneration Good Status Effect
    You regenerate clip size, or maximum ammo count to your currently held primary or secondary weapon.

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] You gain 1/40th of your max ammo every second for 20 seconds!
    When the bonus toaster effect expires

    Buff Effect

    Bullet Scavenger Buff
    Gives you 1 bullet per second if you are moving
    <Does not work if incapacitated>

    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    • If you don't have any nearby ammo piles to go to and are running low on ammo, make sure to have the bullet scavenger buff active when you get the Max Ammo Regeneration Good Status Effect so you can regenerate max ammo faster.
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