About the !tankinfo (TI)

Jan 11, 2019
About the !tankinfo (TI)
  • About the !tankinfo (TI V1.0.1)

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    Tank Information

    You can find here information of the tanks that the community has defeated. Tanks are classified in tiers depending on their strength. Tanks of the same tier may not necessarily be equally powerful.


    The first page of a tank will always show some small description about how the tank came to exist within mgftw. The second page of a tank will always show their statistics such as Health, Punch Damage, Speed, Hit Delay Attack Interval and if it is to block any sources of damage. The rest of the pages will show the tank's abilities that it has if it has any.

    The only exception to when the third page doesn't show one of the tank's abilities is when you get given a quick explanation as to what the Supreme Executioner Tank can do to the survivors. Additionally, the Flesh Prison is the only ability from the Imprisoner Tank !tankinfo to have a continued section for 1 more page.