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Windows 10

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Penguin, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    So for those of you that reserved a copy of windows 10 using the little icon that pops up in your taskbar, apparently its rolling out tomorrow!
    Y'all looking forward to that lovely DirectX12? (that is of course if that gets released right away)
    Im more interested to see how much of a performance increase ill get on it over windows 8.1

  2. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't reserve it I don't want it. I don't want something that ships with Candy Crush and a lot of other crap.

    I'll stick with Win7 for now, I want to move to ElemetaryOS for a while now but too lazy right now to do anything to my home pc.

  3. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    When i was on W7 i swore i would never upgrade to windows 8, and i still wish i hadnt because 7 was much better but i needed to upgrade to do some uni work >.<
    ill definitely be changing every possible setting and deleting every possible app on windows 10 though to my liking.
    DX12 is the only thing i think a lot of people are looking forward to in the new OS, oh and of course the return of the start menu.
  4. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    if you are on win 8, download classic shell. It adds back the start menu, can boot right to desktop mode, disable corners and much more
  5. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I think I might wait a few days for the general consensus before upgrading. That and I don't want to risk losing my coursework should anything go awry. And yes, Classic Shell is probably the only thing keeping me sane on Windows 8.
  6. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    You know what's funny I'm stil running a technet version of Windows 7 from which I spread the key to a lot of friends and family members and I still get W10 for free so they all do as well lol. MS must be really desperate to keep you on Windows.

    You know I might actually try it just for fun see how bad it is. My system is a mess anyway and I really need a clean install.
  7. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    I heard Windows 10 features automatic updates... as in, you can't tell it to download and wait for you to install, or anything. Nope! It will automatically update for you, and anything else it updates, like drivers I think.

    Which, explains why quite a few are pissed that their systems got broke when bad drivers got downloaded...

  8. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    yeah i heard a lot of bad things about it to do with automatic updates, i might a day or so actually and see what everyone thinks of it and see what the final release version is actually like.
  9. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member


  10. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    Choochoo won't like it, doesn't come with a train simulator.

    Ahaha xD

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  11. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'm also trying to balance between staying in Win7 or going for DX12 which would be able to use my integrated graphics along with my GPU.
  12. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    i decided that as soon as i am able to download it im just going to go for it and see what its like.
    Just got to wait though, turns out not everyone is getting it right away. not surprised apparently there servers are getting 1TB downloads per second lol.
  13. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Ok so I ended up installing Elementary OS anyway, L4D2 even works on it so I'm good for now :)

    I might still try W10 though I still have a W8.1 license which I bought back in the day for my media center PC. Might upgrade that one to 10 on my laptop.
  14. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    Whats it like? its s little like MAC OS X isnt it? or from what i see from pictures.

    I had a look and you can get a free license to windows 10 from W7, W8, W8.1 through to July 2016 so there is plenty of time.
  15. windows 10 seems so much perfect compared to windows 8.crap(1), so far so good. games running much more smooth, maybe due to dx12? not sure, but the OS is more stable than windows 8. the built in programs are even better, now that i am making game videos for my YT channel, and guess what i found when i launched a game? Xbox live that comes with win10 recording with NO performance LOSS! but a little disappointment they are only max of 480p, yet they said files are saved as 1080p mp4, but doesn't seem like it. yet worth a shot.

    EDIT: their so called improved internet edge from IE... broken af e.e even IE is better imo after i saw this fail. when you want to upload a video on youtube it actually hangs like your whole pc/laptop is slowly going to freeze, but thats just your internet edge, program not responding...
  16. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    I upgraded my partners laptop to Win10 because mine won't give me the upgrade button for some reason. I loaded twitch.tv using Windows Edge and it comes up (Not Responding) for every page. Takes forever to load as well. I'm going to wait until a few weeks before doing it, just using the laptop will give me an idea whether it's worth it or not.
  17. you dont have to have the icon, i didn't as well after i had to reformat laptop 10 days be4 the release, i will post link in 3mins which gives you windows 10 update.
    EDIT: here is the link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

    Make sure you select the right system type bit 64 or 32.

    yes they dont show that this is for downloading the OS but only few people know about it, install it and then it will tell u if u want to upgrade or make a USB flash install .
  18. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think games are running smoother due to DX12, this is because games are meant to use the older versions of it.

    I think the thing is just that they removed most of the useless background processes that windows had (that seems like a good decision).

    Still, I'm sticking with mah windows 7 c:
  19. Hmm but doesn't directx just use what is needed to run the program it should run? like when we used to have DX11 and playing games or old ones that use DX9 we could still run it smoothly and even better than running it with DX9. so far didn't see any performance decrease in my games i play and they are cpu/gpu consuming.
  20. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

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