What the hell new things in the game?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by SunRider1976, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. SunRider1976

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    What is Cardiac? why Cardiac arrest can instead kill me?
  2. timkit

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    The Cardiac Arrest (or Clot Bad Status Effect) is a Bad Status Effect that can be inflicted on you by the Clot witch. The duration of this bad status effect is 150 seconds. You will be given indications to chat for an adrenaline shot from other survivors (or buy one yourself if you have enough bounty from the health items section in !buy). If you don't get an adrenaline shot within that time, you will instantly die (you can become defibbed back).

    If you want to prevent getting the Cardiac Arrest or Clot Bad Status Effects, use a first aid kit to give yourself moustachio (if you have the Moustachio Bless skill) and kill the witch before the moustachio expires so you can't be affected. Another way to prevent it is by getting a bonus toaster that prevents you getting inflicted with a bad status effect for 1 time (effect lasts until either used or the end of the chapter in which you obtained the bonus toaster has been reached).
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    I see... sorry being ignore the message coz so busy to kill zed... lol
    Thanks for clarify ^^
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