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Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by Centro2, Jan 12, 2017.

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    actually vs is empty because no one wanna go play first, someone have to go play first alone for a moment while inviting more players. I told you the secret that is how vs is active long ago, but now no one wanna do it. we can't blame anyone for that, but don't blame anyone still better than whoever who just so much talk but less act. can't global chat from vs also for invite people in coop. although it's kinda hard to fill it nowdays.
    there is more coop generation than vs players were born, i ask and most of them say "im not good in vs" , "i just dont like it" or maybe just scared because don't know what to do in there or doing something wrong even actually we just having fun. no matter how hard you persuade them, they still wont play vs or maybe some of them want to play it just when there is an event.. which no one can fix that problem. Coop is just more their typical, even you give more exp or cash in vs server but now they still play in coop.

    if someone can make them think VS as a funny server or not as a 'scary server', that would be good. if you ask me how, i don't know the answer. add more karma spot? already, but karma is a fun for some players, but not fun for another. Event can't make VS server great again, it just fill the server for few days but not for long term. when coop was full, you can ask them if you really want to know the accurate answers.. why they don't play VS or what can make them interested to play VS?
    if no one give answer, maybe they just have 100% pure coop blood:bigsmile:. or admin can vote a question with some options as the answers for selected.
    we can't fix a problem if we don't know what is the problem, can't just guess it. when we know their answer, might we can fix it for them later.
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    I personally didnt mind vs before the whole karma boomer slap thing, that just completely kill my interest for it. Its funny for some people yes but I dont see how 1 shotting people is balanced or justified in anyway. Not to mention playing vs on 400+ ping is really an agonizing experience more than fun. And lastly cause coop gives a lot more cash xp etc without as much effort.

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