VOTE: Buffs/Buff Enhancements (Jan - June 2018)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Jun 4, 2018.


What Buffs/Buff Enhancements should be considered for the next mgftw update?

  1. Buff Enhancement: Auto Sniper Modulator

  2. Buff: Pack-up minigun

  3. Buff: Assassin

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  4. All of them!

  5. None of the above

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey'll, timkit here with a thread for the buffs/buff enhancement ideas made by players throughout this year.

    Before I proceed, Just to take note that I'll probably be fully active again on mgftw around from late June/early July.

    Might as well see which of the following buffs/buff enhancements would you guys suggest to be considered for the next mgftw update. The buffs/buff enhancements are listed below in the order of the most recent to the oldest one.

    Buff Enhancement: Auto Sniper Modulator (For Auto Pistol Modulator Buff)
    Buff: Pack-up minigun
    Buff: Assassin

    Leave your thoughts in the thread below and cast your VOTE for the above items!
  2. tank

    tank MG Donor

    Hei i don't wanna sound negative but is just some my suggestion , i say hello to all new idea and plz don't be mad on me is just my opinion.
    "Auto sniper mod" ??? maybe yes for hunting rifle could be funny with some limits , but not for awp and scout, to weapon what is already high dmg doing, it will make the whole thing in game to easy then,, the point is you should use your finger and some patience.
    Assasin in short word OWERPOWERED (veteran pistols and zip gun do enough dmg)
    Pack up minigun is really some new fresh idea and very cool i support

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