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Versus Is Dead?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Jang23, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Jang23

    Jang23 Junior Member

    Why? The only players I have seen play it are me and Shooter. What happened to cause versus to never have players playing? Versus is only fun with a ton of players, because bots can't do anything at all and the matches are never as fun and intense as when there are a ton of players. Coop is fun and all, but only when there is a ton of high level players on and we fight tanks or there is an admin doing an event. What caused this to happen? :?
  2. there used to be a high number of highly skilled VS players since last year that all got together and went on versus every weekend or so (If you remember them, Jones, m'3, Kev, Luke Skywalker, |MG| Erik, ughgh, stephanieee, . Now those numbers of highly skilled VS players have dropped to only less than 10 people remaining. Myself, Xero, Atlas, shooter and Mute are the remaining VS/COOP players that exist on mgftw to this day, including the admins that used to play VS. All the players I see on COOP right now involve at least 75% of players being COOP ONLY players. and 75% of them are very high level players.

    Generally the main reason why those highly skilled VS players left was because of lack of interest in mgftw in general. They got tired of it and moved on to playing other games, GTA 5, Battle Field, Overwatch, Killing Floor 2. etc.

    VS in general hasn't received any major updates since the VS tanks were released out onto mgftw. thats why you also see no players for up to weeks on VS.

    The only way you will ever get VS started up again is through admin events, player thought out events and if half the people you invite definitely agree to join you within the hours of inviting them, regardless of how well they know VS.

    But don't think VS is dead for good. it never has been dead as long as something has been mentioned for VS or at least 1 year has not passed (that is IMO).

    In terms of mgftw news for VS, all i've heard from mute was that testing was done on VS (don't know if what he says will change or stay that way). You might want to look forward 3 months ahead from now for VS.

  3. Surfer on Acid

    Surfer on Acid Junior Member

    Since the US VS Server was removed and hosted only in EU, most of people that usually were playing and invited other people to fill the server stopped playing due to the high ping. its 60 or 400, and just a very few player having the "average" latency, becoming really frustrating to play VS, which is way different than playing coop with such ping.

    When i started playing in this server about 2 years ago, there were VS servers in both location EU and US. and the US server was always more popular while the EU server empty just like it is now.

    I would like to know why such decisions were taken, i really can't understand why they decided to host in EU and if its possible to replace for the US server, at least for an "experimental method" and see if it changes the situation.
  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    @Surfer on Acid.

    Really simple reason, money! We can't afford to have servers in all locations. L4D2 is a very old game and it's normal that player numbers will decline after years if no new version is released. Remember we started in I think 2010 so it's 6 years now.

    I also don't think high latency is really an issue, US ping is not 400, from east cost it's more lik 90 - 100, from West coast it's 160-170, I know it's not great and it's too much to play counterstrike but for L4D2 versus it should be more than sufficient.

    I think people play coop more because it's more easy to level and get goodies and stuff etc, while with versus the rewards are less and it's much harder. I also think people like the casual gameplay of coop more.

    Either way, I guess this won't be fixed until L4D3 ;)
  5. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Speaking of Vs we need to get a session goin cuz I aint got time for coop anymore
  6. Surfer on Acid

    Surfer on Acid Junior Member

    "I also don't think high latency is really an issue, US ping is not 400, from east cost it's more lik 90 - 100, from West coast it's 160-170, I know it's not great and it's too much to play counterstrike but for L4D2 versus it should be more than sufficient."

    Of course US Server doesn't have that latency, but I was talking about EU server in the perspective of people who lives in Asia and South America, which the latency is solid 400 ping in a full server, making the game frustrating and unplayable in VS mode. So that's why the US server is the most balanced for Versus.
  7. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    How about moving completly to US Servers then ? So that coop and Hardcore aswell as the VS server are in US instead of Europe ? Dont know the prices so im just asking if it would make sense in terms of money
  8. Surfer on Acid

    Surfer on Acid Junior Member

    It would be more embracing and enjoyable to those people who live in Asia and South America as well and not restrictively to North America and Europe. Especially versus and the other modes too.
  9. I'd say its a better idea to move to the US servers if that is entirely possible in terms of the cost of running them there. maybe not now but within the next 5 years of mgftw still living on L4D2 or when L4D3 comes out. Normally when us people from the ASIA and OCEANIA region play on those servers we experience 300ms on average when joining the US servers (The Ping feels alot better on US servers than the EU servers according to us OCEANIA region players. Also in terms of location it makes a better balanced ping for everyone else).

    Unlike ASIA, US itself is OVH protected so it would be a fair move to move servers onto the US from EU.
  10. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Well OVH is actually not in USA but in North-East Canada. So it would still be bad for Oceania based players. Also when we had an Asia server then people from EU started to complain EU was empty all the time.

    I heard OVH is coming to Singapore this year though, that could help us out if they offer the same protection like they do worldwide (which is safe to assume). It will still depend on pricing etc. though.
  11. right. I can see your point in regards to having two COOP servers and must agree on it. Sucks to hear about the ping for Oceania if you were to move to the US servers. Then again though, that's how it is based on the very far distance for our networks to travel to connect to mgftw, I really don't mind the current ping on EU servers and can live with it for the time being. What if some of the mgftw players who all gave feedback here say that their ping can handle the servers as playable, even though its still laggy, Would that change anything by any chance then?

    I still wonder if people that had bad pings on the EU servers would migrate to a future ASIA COOP server when the time comes. If then, would the current EU mgftw population still be able to persist itself on the EU mgftw server itself for the time being when you consider COOP?

    For your other lines regarding that you heard about OVH coming to singapore this year. I really appreciate the good news you give to us players. Again, this boosts our hopes for a future ASIA COOP to happen soon enough. May other players would definitely agree with this.

    As long as the above point that I make about people migrating to different servers applies to pricing. then it shouldn't hopefully be too much problems to make ASIA COOP come back alive again to mgftw in the near future.

    Let me and the others know if you get good news about OVH in regards to the Singapore region. Thanks for the good news marvel! :D
  12. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    I am slowly trying to help revive PR-VS too, with some new pathing for the campaigns. Just before I did my computer upgrading, I believe I was working on a new pathing for the 3rd map of Swamp Fever. (Because goodness, we all know it needs it.) I will resume thiat task once I believe I have my computer things in order

    I am always looking for those who wish to provide feedback and insight into maps. :)

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