[VERSION] Update on the Pet Buff and new buffs

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    Hello everyone!

    There is a couple of things I wanted to inform about the newest version of the mod.

    1) There are many new buffs that can be bought through the !cp panel. Certain buffs are there, but are not working yet or are simply broken. These buffs will have the "Not for sale" label next to them and you won't be able to buy them at all. These buffs are prone to changes in the future and may even disappear.

    2) The Pet buff had been disabled a while ago due to multiple problems and crashes it caused. It is now back, but is not 100% ready yet and we'll be monitoring how it performs.

    Your pet has gotten a bit smarter now and will receive orders from you and react faster (hopefully) to threats. To give your pet an order, simple use the regular game vocalize commands (By default keys z and x).

    Here is a list of orders that are currently supported:

    -"Let's Go": Pet will follow you and attack threats in a short radius
    -"You take the lead": Pet won't follow you and will attack threats everywhere. (Seek and kill).
    -"Wait": Pet will stand still and will not follow you. It will still attack threats on a short radius (shorter than "let's go").
    -"Be careful": Pet will follow you and won't attack at all. Use this to quickly force your pet to return to you.

    Additional Pet Stuff:

    -If you are under attack (trapper by hunter, jockey, smoker or charger), your Pet will ignore its current order and will run to help you out.
    -Jockeys can ride pets causing their health to rapidly decrease.
    -The glow of your pet will flash if it is currenlty in combat.

    That's is pretty much it!

    See you in-game soon c:


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