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Upgrades to MGFTW Website

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by lukemurawski, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    The Marvelous Gaming (MGFTW) website has been upgraded.

    The new site is much more streamlined. The home page now offers direct links to the servers as well as display the player counts and current maps. Total registered players are also displayed on the homepage along with several other stats. The wiki, forum, servers, etc. have been reskinned.

    Credits for the release go to davzee (for all the graphics / photoshop expertise) and I (for the programming part). Thank you davzee-- this would not have been possible without you! Also thanks crazyrabbit for the nick/hunter renders! Thanks Erik for fixing the login / vBulletin usergroup issue! Thanks Stefe, Cocaine, davzee, Erik, and all others for testing!

    PLEASE NOTE: A minor rollback had to be done, so threads and posts newer than three days have been lost. This is entirely my fault and I sincerely apologize for it. While editing the database, the original backup I had made had a query limit of 5000 queries (why the database system defaulted to that is beyond me). Thus, it hadn't backed up the whole DB, so I had to default to the dev DB. I apologize!
  2. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    There are still one or two hitches that have been noticed since the release (no big deal), and they'll be fixed ASAP.
  3. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Another update: the Facebook-like chat system now displays on all pages :) You can even go to the wiki and be chatting.
  4. erik

    erik Senior Member

    If you strike out logging into the forums w/ your FORUM username & pass, do not continue or your account will be locked. It appears that some names or profiles that were edited need to be edited to reflect the (proper) info.

    Ask myself or a Moderator, we'll get you fixed-up.

  5. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Thanks erik for taking care of that hiccup.
  6. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Not to sound mean or anything but why didn't you back up important threads? TBH, everything should of been backed up before the update to ensure nothing was lost. You said everything newer then 3 days ago was lost, well there were threads older then that lost. Especially the new PR update thread. Probably the most important thread full of feedback and bug reports, gone. On a brighter note, I like the new skin. And thanks Erik for fixing my login.
  7. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Yep that's the thing :\ I did back up the threads, but for some reason it only backed up the first 5000 queries. Last time I used PHPMyAdmin, it was able to back up the entire DB for me. I assumed it'd be the same here (I f***ed up). I'm really sorry about that! I'll ask marvel and see if there are newer DB backups and see what I can do.

    In the 16 hours that it took to make the new site (plus all the hours Davzee spent photoshopping), I screwed up somewhere. No one gets paid to do this stuff-- but you are right, and I appreciate your honesty.
  8. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Ok, sure, we sacrificed a few threads and a few profiles got reverted. It's not like this transformation did not bear fruit, though.

    PR, sure, the thread got rolled-back a little. However, it was getting a little long in the tooth, no thanks to me. Also, if nothing else, it was a pruning of the latest PR-related threads altogether.

    We maintain a specific method (Roots, that is,) of syncing data. Without revealing more of our process than necessary, we have a working Bug List. This also PRIORITIZES them.

    If anyone needs help rebuilding a thread or a summary of the ideas contained therein, any of us will help. This is the community part of being a community.

    Before we start getting all shitty and critical, let's remember what sacrificing a few things gains us... and what not doing anything at all loses us.

  9. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    Nick and Hunter renders by me, lol... :smiley-signs138:
  10. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    I'm not saying I don't appreciate it, I said I liked the new look, it's just a lot of important things/threads were lost. Nothing that can't be restored with a little time and a good brain that remembers lol. Lets just hope HC has certain things pasted in notepad or something lol.
  11. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Oh snap, I'm sorry guys. Added missing credits.
  12. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Hunter should of been a Spitter rofl :P Background is sexist! Too many male things everywhere: Steph has died (DEFIB HIM!)<----The hell is this lol. And now the background full of males :( It's cool though :D
  13. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Stop moaning and enjoy the new site :P:P:P
  14. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Stop enjoying the new site and start moaning :P:P:P <3
  15. erik

    erik Senior Member

  16. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    I provided the renders for almost all of the SI, Hunter came out the best. Maybe I could do a "Zoey with PMS" render.. :P
  17. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    Lets be real... the renders didnt look amazing until someone spent hours touching them up in photoshop :whistle:, gj though....lol

    Would be nice to see the forum skin live soon too!...

    Also the rollback was only 3 days worth you say? seems longer than that to me lol :\
  18. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah we make nightly backups so there should be a more recent one.
  19. erik

    erik Senior Member

  20. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    still getting the hang of these gifs eh benny


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