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  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    This is my first update, as a result it's not too huge, but I'm just getting started. Once I learn the ins and outs of the code, maybe I can do a lot more. Regardless, here is the changelog:
    • Tank lure buff has been removed, and replaced with a survivor skill of the same name:
      • Increases percentage chance of special tanks to spawn by 0.25%/0.5%/0.75%/1%/1.25% (stacks with all survivors)
      • Level requirements are 50/75/100/125/216
    • Warrior and Electric Tanks now no longer troll survivors into thinking they are bigger than what they are. (Tier 1 tanks no longer roar)
    • New roars have been added for various Tier 2 and Tier 3 tanks.
    • Added rewards for the Pestilent Tank:
      • 2000 Experience Points
      • $85 Cash
      • 3 Bounty
    • Fixed an issue where having exactly 950 rep displayed the wrong category.
    • Fixed buying or upgrading skills not using FR-Pills
    • Fixed Witch Hunter buff displaying damage bonus message to all players.
    This should effectively give a free buff slot to those who had the old Tank Lure buff, and for those who didn't, well, they have no excuse for not having Tank Lure now!
  2. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    So I've made quite a few small changes since, and I figured I may as well announce them all:
    • Fixed 'Resupplying' and 'Inseparable 1' quests not showing requirements
    • Fixed 'Hunterized' quest not counting super hunter kills
      • You can complete the quest now, but the buff isn't ready. It'll sit in your inventory until it is.
    • Fixed 'A Murderer's whims' quest incorrectly counting 'Soldier's uniform' as 'Bag of Fake Pills' and vice versa
    • Fixed 'Inseparable 3' quest being unlocked by completing 'Inseparable 1' instead of 'Inseparable 2'
    • Fixed '1 Day Mutation Shield' inventory item displaying 30 day message
    • Updated and replaced out of date hints
    • Fixed looting cars not actually giving looted cash
    • Increased chance of Jackpot from looting cars, and added a 1/10 chance of receiving slightly more cash than the standard.
    • Drainer now has 50k HP in Coop (VS is still 25k)
    • Frozen Drainer now has significantly increased Drain when on fire, stay away!
    • Made some coop balance changes, generally increasing SI health for higher difficulties
    • Fixed exploit allowing players to hang on ledges to gain an absurd amount of health
    • Reworked Piercing bullets buff:
      • 1% additional damage per bullet on a Special Infected or Tank, effect resets when reloading, changing weapon, changing targets or picking up ammo.
      • Effect is tripled if using Magnum Pistol, AWP or Scout sniper rifles
    • Fixed Toxic Smoke Cloud damage stacking the more players were in it
    • Differentiated some similar looking quest items with colour
      • Bandages are now more grey compared to the white
      • The Tank Posters and Weapon Parts are now coloured based on the listing
        • First item is red, Second is green, Third is blue
    • Added Drain effect and fixed Shaman Shield for Supreme Shaman
    • Fixed Tank info command not allowing access to Tier 1 tanks
    • Added Escape timer to Cold Stream (Incomplete: If all players die, map will reset then change later)
    • Fixed Sacrifice finale not spawning tanks correctly, and not stopping timer if a tank is alive
    • Fixed Health Dispenser causing players to get stuck if they dispense near another player
    • Added new buff - Compressed Shell:
      • Reloading one shell with a shotgun will fully reload it, but will reduce your reload speed down to double non-upgraded speed.
      • The times are, approximately:
        • autoshotgun: 2.69 seconds
        • shotgun_spas: 2.40 seconds
        • pumpshotgun: 2.20 seconds
        • shotgun_chrome: 2.20 seconds
    • Slightly modified Witch Hunter buff:
      • Crowning the witch can now award the bonus effect, but has been capped to a maximum of 3 triggers per map.
      • You still must not take damage from the witch to receive the effect
    • Prevented players from picking up experience (yellow) toasters if they are max level
    • Modified Uber Infected spawn rate:
      • 0% chance to spawn if player average level is low
      • 5% chance to spawn if player average level is medium
      • 10% chance to spawn if player average level is high
  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Quite a lot of stuff this time, so I'll split it up to be a bit more readable:

    • Added a command to display a list of basic commands for new players (!commands)
    • Added a pseudo-passive for the Knight Tank, if it hasn't performed an Earthquake in 30 seconds, it will activate on its next punch, regardless if there are incapacitated survivors nearby
    • Added an option to view reputation notifications (Accessible in Control Panel -> Settings -> Notifications)
    • Added cap of 150% bonus damage to Piercing Bullets Buff
    • Added Drain effect to the Supreme Shaman Tank, but it does not regen health from it
    • Added Heal Boundaries for all Tank drain heal effects in COOP. Tanks will not regen past 25/50/75% health if their health fell below those thresholds.
    • Added minor rewards for players below level 100, any Tier 1 Tank they do not do enough damage to, they will receive 5% of the standard rewards
    • Added the option for Clan leaders to spend some of their own cash to give 10% of what they spent into their clan's cash
    • Released Void Tank:
      • Statistics:
        • Tier: 1
        • HP: 50,000
        • Speed: 1.5
        • Hit Interval: 1.5
        • Damage: 100HP
        • Blocks: Fire and melee
      • Abilities:
        • (Passive) Dark Abyss: Looking at the Tank will slowly darken the survivor's vision. If their vision becomes fully darkened, they will be blinded for 5 seconds.
        • (Passive) Knockout Punch: The tank will significantly darken the victim's vision if they get punched. If they are already blind, the victim takes double damage and will be stunned for 3 seconds.
    • Added Tank Frenzy, which gives each non-finale map a 1/10 chance of potentially spawning multiple tanks per map if the team's average level is high enough
      • Each eligible map Tank Frenzy doesn't occur decreases the denominator for the chance of it occuring (1/9, 1/8, etc.) until it occurs, resetting it to 1/10.
    • Added Residual Strength upgrade, which gives survivors more health when they are brought back to life with a defib.
      • 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40% extra health from the player's max health
      • The effect is halved if the player is using Tenacity
    • Added 10 new wearables that can be obtained from the Pill Market.
    • Fixed Clan Tanks breaking Versus logic when spawned
    • Fixed Darwin's Lab 3 quest counting any infected kill as Special Infected
    • Fixed Melee breaking when a Tank is incapacitated and takes any damage with a melee weapon being held
    • Fixed players getting stuck in c6m1_riverbank in Versus if they attempt to leave before ready
    • Fixed players sometimes spawning on their last strike at the start of a round
    • Fixed some out of date status effect text
    • Fixed survivors losing their glows
    • Fixed the Dead Pile of Cows quest NPC not being scannable after someone has already done it
    • Fixed Witch Hunter buff not awarding damage bonus in some scenarios
    • Disabled the ability for max level players from picking up experience toasters
      • If the clan you are in is not max level, you can still pick them up
    • Floral Grenade Launch buff now prevents use of the Grenade Launcher for 10 seconds after Floral launch in COOP
    • Glutton Tank now spits out all survivors when it is incapped so survivors get rewards if they are valid for them
    • Grenade Launcher now does 33% less damage to Tanks
    • Grenade Launcher's fire rate has been reduced to a fixed 1 shot a second
    • Increased cash rewards from looting cars, and increased chance of mini-jackpot to 20%
    • Modified Join Forces 1 quest requirement to count if the server has all players alive on Expert, as opposed to only counting 16 players
    • Players no longer lose rep if they don't actually do damage to a survivor with friendly fire
    • Players now lose 1 rep every second if they are in a saferoom and a player needs help (down/trapped), or they are over 2000 units ahead of someone that needs help
    • Players now lose 6 rep every 3 seconds if they are rushing (2000 distance units further than the average distance)
    • Prevented survivors from buying items if they are dead
    • Reduced Speedy Tank's claw damage to 50.
    • Survivors Lv 50 or below now have 40/50/60/70% damage resistance on Easy/Normal/Advanced/Expert as opposed to a flat 50%
    • Survivors Lv 51-130 now also have the damage resistance bonus, but scales off based on their level. At level 130, the bonus is 0%.
    • Tank Reaper Tier 1 now only gives 50% bonus for Shotguns
    • Tanks that do not take fire damage will now auto extinguish themselves in COOP
  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome updates Mute, thanks for your effort!!
  5. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    Truly awesome work mate :)

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