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    New stable version of points reloaded should be shortly available on all servers.
    As request by many players, I attached here the patch notes of this update.

    [Versus Notes]
    -Fixed the door not opening in rare situations.
    [Cooperative Notes]
    -Added ragdoll type death for survivor that fall from high heights.
    -Added new tanks: Infernal, Assassin, Fighter, Bloody, Ninja, "Kirby" (Not correctly named yet), Dummy. (They are not automatically spawning, must be fully tested first).
    -Changed how the vehicle arrival situation is handled. Instead of making the infected immune, the rescue will just leave survivors behind (those who aren't within the vehicle or rescue platform).
    -Changed how the tank frustration (lose control) worked to fix a bug where all players would lose control. The meter will continue to drop unless the tank is visible for survivors and it reset upon damage.
    -Changed how the quest system works to easily and rapidly add future quests.
    -Changed the difficulty manager to properly process different coop phases (finale, panic, normal, onslaughter, etc).
    -Changed the health of the witch on cooperative servers to make it easier to kill.
    -Changed the witch damage to 750.0 (instant incap and instant death on expert).
    -Changed sniper_awp and sniper_scout damage to 850-900HP per shot against SI and CI when scopped. (Damage is 600HP against tanks). Headshots will multiply the damage by 4.65
    -Changed spitter's spit maximum stickiness to 75% (was 100% before).
    -Fixed all ammo related bugs.
    -Fixed invisible jockeys not spawning.
    [General Notes]
    -Added a quick tutorial for newcomers.
    -Added the clot bacteria status (cardiac arrest).
    -Added additional command !clan.
    -Added quick clan news on the !gp menu.
    -Added a couple buffs obtainable by completing quests
    -Changed Gems concept. They are now FR-Pills (See crafting menu for an explanation).
    -Fixed a bug where all status wouldn't end after player death.
    -Fixed sticky blood status (with this, the buff that uses it is fixed).
    -Fixed unusable options on the !gp menu.
    -Fixed a bug where after clan creation, the system wouldn't retrieve the stone
    [Additional comments]
    -Certain quests may not work if they aren't properly configured (see root admin section for correct configuration).
    -Clan wars must be delayed due to stability issues.
    Happy gaming! :dance:
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    Nice job! :)

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