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    If somehow there's another sceno, we should call it hurricane tank and it will be Supreme Tempest Tank t3 with even more juiced up abilities.
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    supreme bomb tank :smiley-angry009:
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    Since it looks like the next version of PR is well in development... here's an awakened dormant tank idea...

    Awakened Solidified Tank (Special Tier)

    The Awakened Solidified Tank is one of the most resistant tanks out there. It has numerous shields that can be employed against the survivors to protect against its own vulnerabilities.

    Health: 300,000
    Damage: 450
    Speed: 1.5
    Hit Delay: 1.0
    Blocks: Shield dependent

    • (Passive) Full Armor: The tank has developed its enhanced skin, making it capable of producing skin shields to block different types of damage that the survivors can inflict. It is damage immune until all shields are destroyed. At the start of the encounter, it will have 3 random shields active.
    • (Passive) Shield Protection: Only 1 type of shield can be attacked at once while the tank has any shields active. The type of shield that can be attacked is random.
    • (Passive) Shield Regeneration: After the tank has become vulnerable for 40 seconds, it will regenerate with 3 random shields + 1 additional random shield for each time it regenerates. Up to 6 shields can be active at once.
    • (Shield) Fire Shield: With the Fire Shield active, the tank deals heavy damage to survivors nearby with its intense heat. The tank must stay in the water for a total of 20 seconds to destroy it.
    • (Shield) Melee Shield: With the Melee Shield active, the tank's Hit Delay is halved and survivor's punched by the tank won't be knocked away. The Melee Shield has 100 durability and must be reduced to 0 to destroy it.
    • (Shield) Acid Shield: With the Acid Shield active, the tank will generate an acid puddle once every 10 seconds. This acid puddle is larger than usual and deals 3% of a survivor's current HP as damage every second if it affects survivors. It is also corrosive to the touch. The tank must be attacked with vomit jars for a total of 30 seconds to destroy it.
    • (Shield) Bullet Shield: With the Bullet Shield active, the tank will randomly deflect bullets towards survivors, dealing up to 1% of their current HP as damage depending on the weapon bullet type deflected. The Bullet Shield has 1500 health and takes 1 damage for every bullet hit it takes, which must be reduced to 0 to destroy it.
    • (Shield) Explosive Shield: With the Explosive Shield active, the tank will throw grenades at the survivors, dealing up to 1% (Minimum: 50) of their maximum HP as damage per hit. The Explosive Shield has 100 health and takes 10 damage for every explosive projectile hit it receives, which must be reduced to 0 to destroy it.
    • (Shield) Ice Shield: With the Ice Shield active, the tank will slow down nearby survivors by 5% per second (Max: 75%) and prevent them from gaining any movement speed back for 5 seconds after being out of range. The tank must be attacked with fire for a total of 30 seconds to destroy it.
    • (Passive) Vulnerable: When all shields are destroyed, the tank will not be able to fight back, lose its damage immunity and blocks nothing. It also takes 100% additional damage from all sources for 40 seconds.
    • (Passive) Unstoppable: The tank is immune to slows, stuns, staggers, freezing and taunts.
    • (Passive) Acidic Residue: Whenever the tank spawns an acid puddle it will randomly drop 1 to 2 vomit jars at the acid pools location. The vomit jars dropped from the tank cannot benefit from any buffs.
    • (Passive) Explosive Residue: Whenever the tank throws a grenade, it will randomly drop a pipe bomb that when thrown will instantly explode if it hits any surface. The pipe bombs dropped from the tank cannot benefit from any buffs.
    • (Passive) Full Penetration: The tank ignores all defense modifiers.
    • (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.

    When you see its !tankhp it'll be like:

    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Fire Shield: 20s) (Shields: 3)
    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Melee Shield: 100%) (Shields: 3)
    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Acid Shield: 30s) (Shields: 3)
    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Bullet Shield: 1500) (Shields: 3)
    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Exp. Shield: 100) (Shields: 3)
    (Awakened Solidified) 300,000 (Ice Shield: 30s) (Shields: 3)
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