Take Vacation from mgftw - Have fun (see you soon)

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Horama, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Hey after thinking one week , i decide to take a moment witout L4D2 and mgftw , i have fun with you here during those 7 years , i already take 2 break of 18 months in past as GOD and Pain , i dont know when i will return ingame .

    I learn a lot from this community and hope i give enough in return . Sometimes Little problem with some people but i still love those servers and this community . I know bad moment of mgftw and now it's peacefull .

    About Dominion's Dogma , i ask my staff before , after discuss , they want i stay help manage from discord and sometimes steam , DD is big clan , i build it from nothing in 1 years , i'm glad they request my help even i don't play .

    I have fun with all of you inclued those didn't like me :)

    Horama Aka Pain / Roland Culé

  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    You deserve a good send off from me...

    It's been good having you around on mgftw and having you and your clan help me out. It wasn't something I'd expect when trying to revive mgftw VS itself, but after a few months since V1.8's release, it was worth the effort. Now I see VS more populated compared to last year, all thanks to dedication in being active and with good updates for it, which is a good thing for mgftw :)

    You have helped mgftw out more than I can see for someone like yourself and I'm sure your clan can continue to thrive and do well out there on mgftw. I had fun playing with you and I definitely won't forget the good moments that I had with you as well :D

    Enjoy your break, I know this isn't farewell... but goodbye for now Horama!
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  3. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    I also want to send you off, Horama. Even though I didn't talk to you much and I'm not as active in game since I have classes, I hope you have fun on your break. As what Tim said, I notice that VS is more active now compared to last time when it was completely dead. Hope to see you in the future.
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  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Have a good one Horama, see you later! Everybody needs a vacation now and then :)
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  5. kanna

    kanna New Member

    kanna says see you soon :(
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  6. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    see ya soon lad!
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  7. SL8TER

    SL8TER Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Horama, it's sad to lose any players from the mg community for however long especially ones that have been here from near the start.
    You have given the community a lot and will be missed by players & clan.
    Can fully understand the need to take time out for family, career or whatever reason like some of us have in the past.
    Will see you in the not too distant future...:smiley-signs098:
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  8. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    im back for a moment ; i dont know if it's going be long depend my feeling with the game

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