Special Buff List for Co-op Tank fights

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  1. I was wondering, have you guys find there are certain times that you wish you equipped the buff lists specializing in fighting tanks but only to find it too late or pointless?

    For example, in normal run maps you want to specialize with Rifle Offense but suddenly you heard T2/T3 tank roar. You have a buff list which specializes on increasing your defense and support for teammates against tank but not knowing the time they appear and so you decided to equipped it throughout the map. After long run, turns out it just false alarm. Or another example, you have normal run maps then suddenly T2/T3 tank pop outs without roar warning (I recall it happen when someone use Tank Bait).

    Of course, that is why we can create number of buff list and it's better if we mix in buff list. But the thing is we have too many buffs specialize in something but quite limited buffs that can be equipped especially for those below level 200. Not to mention that we cannot change buff list during tank fights (which is fine to ensure no buff list change abuse).

    My suggestion is to have a special Buff list where just like a normal buff list that you can put buffs in but only activates when Tank fights occur and deactivates when fight its over (Co-op only). It can be a single Special Buff list or more (if you want to specialize buff against Supreme Knight Tank or Shaman Tank, etc). Of course, only one special Buff list can be activated.

    This special buff list can be toggle-able (only before moving out of safe room) for players who feel that this wasn't necessary and are fine with their current buff setup.

    This buff perhaps may help those who wish to survive long and deal damage to T2/T3 tanks so that obtain rewards for dealing damage and for quests.

    EDIT: Just to add notes, when Special Buff list activates, your normal buff list deactivates.

    To summarize: Special Buff list is a buff list that only activates when tank appears and lasts until it dies and reactivates again when another appears. While Special Buff list actives, the normal buff list deactivates until tank battle is over.

    Special Buff list is toggle-able on and off so that players can stick with normal buff list they chosen if they wish to do so (option can be done before leaving safe room or campaign start).
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    good idea..but maybe not possible and not fair when tank spawn, the players can change buffs.
  3. Just to clarify, when Special Buff list activated (which is during tank fights), you cannot change buffs. You can only change buffs on that list normally if no tank fight occurs.

    Of course, if that's what you meant to ask.

    Special Buff list is more as a preparation Buff List against tank so that you don't have to worry about not having to equip correct List when it suddenly appear. For example,in situation when open safe room door, T2 tank appears straight away (it happen to me with Shaman Tank).

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