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Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by R.B., Jul 5, 2015.

  1. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    So the last couple of days a few nice crowded games have been played, thinking maybe that was some sort of rebirth of HI..?

    Anyway, as people..ChooChoo..said, we could post some ideas to brighten up HI or make it attractive again.
    So ya, as u may have already thought reading the are some new ideas*:

    - new maps....duh
    The last update was some updates to older maps, thinking of plantation and houseboat.
    Since those maps ain't the most popular ones, maybe some new maps are to be considered.
    I have no idea what the chapters name is, but at some level u gotta cross this motel/hotel sorta area. With an empty pool, and u enter that area by crossing a big billboard. Its not huge but a lot of rooms and levels in which u can sneaky kill survivors.

    - M60 (1cred)
    As we all know the m60 is banned from gameplay since players found it too powerfull...yes it is. However what if there can only be 1. More specific, what if only a detective can use it. As infected can buy a silenced SMG, why not give the detective a buyable m60 with 1 mag of ammo (100 bullets) and not restockable. Yes i know if a detective would buy it and then die, both survivors and infected can pick it up but thats why i say the 1 mag of ain't much. Considering 1 detective means 3 infected...u can think of it yourself.

    - Spawn an ally (3cred)
    Who is the archenemy of a hunter? That's right, a survivor carrying a melee weapon. Who else shares this archenemy? Common almost. I'm pointing at chargers, jockeys or spitters. Give the infected the ability to buy 1 of them with the same stats as a expert campaign game. Easy to kill, however a pain in the ass when attacked by it. Possible can also attack your teammates but whats the fun without taking risks.

    Think about it,


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  2. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    I do know people loved the m60, but it was indeed overpowered. I believe its damage values could be reduced to allow it to spawn back in I think?
  3. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Some infected items need to be tweaked too. The reason why there are so many items is so each infected can find the play-style that suits them the most, allowing play-style diversity. The only items I normally see are just mines and the napalm lethal mine.

    To encourage people to use the other items and try different kill styles we should find a way to balance all the items.

    The napalm is the deadliest item, but it kind of replaces the suicide vest functionality. Adding a placement delay, that is, show a small bar when you buy the item (0.5 seconds or so) before installing it could reduce the effectiveness a bit.

    Regarding your suggestions RB, I like the idea of adding new maps, but it takes a long time to come out with good map locations. The spot you mention is from c2m1_highway, a map that we have tried twice already in different locations and that people seemed to dislike.

    The M60 for detective also sounds great, but 100 bullets is too much, considering the gun deals 25HP damage per shot (double it in a headshot).

    Also, spawning SI controlled by the director is not possible due to how the mod is coded. Some people may remember a few accidents where me or another admin spawned an special infected by mistake. This lead to an instant crash when the infected was killed.

    Another way to encourage people to play the mod is something I have had in mind from a long time. Basically, I'll give Points Reloaded experience points (no cash however) for correctly killing enemies. No exp will be removed on team kills, but the karma will still go down.

    Basically, the !cp panel will be available with no options, showing only the stats on the top of the panel and a "Close" button.

    About the exp rates, we have some tentative calculations:

    -For levels 1 to 100: 1500XP on hidden infected kill, and 350XP on survivor kill
    -For levels 101 to 200: 3000XP on HI kill, and 700XP on survivor kill
    -For levels 201 to 216: 0.2% of required exp on HI kill, and 0.04% on survivor kill

    That's pretty much all of it. Hope to see you in-game soon :D
  4. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    Well, c2m1_highway was actually good. The only issues we had with it was that some objects faded from a distance, letting survivors see through the structures on the 2nd version. The 1st version of the map was that I just had too many objects placed and it needed re-designed. Still, yeah, we do need some fresher stuff. :)

    And PR-VS players, I have heard you as well. I know. I know.
  5. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    But what's the award for correctly killing then, except not losing karma. Because if i can't lets say instant fire-ammo when reaching level 50, why should i even keep trying to play the right way in order to be 50 afap. Or do u say if u put that to work, abandon the rank system and become a top10 player by being the highest level? It's nice that you can see who are the better players by level, but its the same to me as u can now see everyone their stats and see the rank and playtime of the players. I mean..i'm rank 13 (used to be 5...) now with like 6,5 days of playtime. People will understand i can somehow play a bit better than someone who has 10 hours of playtime.
  6. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    And ya i will be ingame much after this week :D
  7. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    I think you didn't understand what I mean there. Points Reloaded will run in the background only giving exp and doing level up calculations and that's all. The level will be irrelevant for hidden infected.

    The reason behind this is because some players may think "I won't play HI because i could be getting exp in coop", for example. This eliminates (somewhat) the possibility of players not playing HI because they want to level up in PR.
  8. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    Which is a very good thing. :) It'll get PR and HI more active than ever.

    On a slightly related note:

  9. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    Ah alright i understand. Ya i only play PR very often because im such a low level currently

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