So... whats up with this second ASIA COOP Server?

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by timkit, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. timkit

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    Yep, just as the title says.

    I did not know about this server appearing this morning until a few hours later. And there was no announcement about it.

    Assuming i'm correct, there is no changes between this and the 16 slot ASIA COOP server.

    Any admins/roots mind explaining about how this server got added to mgftw? Thanks.

    We are glad that a 2nd ASIA COOP server has appeared on mgftw. It definitely will generate some more traffic towards both ASIA servers as it has been doing today. Hopefully it will give people an excuse to go play on the other ASIA COOP server if they have to go queue for the 1st one that they want to go join.

    Marvel has posted about this in the mgftw steam group. This is what it says

    "Hello all,

    To prevent people from waiting hours to join Asia COOP, we've added another server instance:

    #1: (16 COOP)
    #2: (16 COOP)

    Hopefully this will solve the waiting queue :)

    In other news, in addition to the 20 new buffs we've updated the store with additional currencies and new payment methods (test) as well!

    Thanks for reading and have fun!"

    EDIT: Edited the title because its a second ASIA COOP server now.

    EDIT 2: Marvel's post on the steam group server.
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  2. Shaikh Nedab

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    well marvel posted on steam group about it just now go check it.
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  3. marvel

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    Yes sorry I forgot to post this on the forum as well, terrible communication. Thanks for updating it here :)

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