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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by HonorCode, May 3, 2014.

  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    This is a small update introducing 4 tanks to the infected fauna. The update also involves a reformation on the "Bloody Tank". In addition, the "Drainer Tank" has been removed due to its relation with server crashes.

    Note: Version is experimental and contains an unstable version of the Grenadier Tank and an unfinished Bloody Tank.

    Here is a complete description of the new tank abilities:

    Ghost Tank
    -HP: 50k
    -Speed: 1.5 (1.40 on fire)
    -Level: 180
    -Damage: 250HP
    -Incap Damage: 250HP
    -Hit Interval: 0.80
    -Tier: 1
    -Fire immunity: The tank is immune to fire.
    -Melee Damage Reduction: The tank shields 90% of total melee damage.
    -Vommit Immunity: Tank cannot be biled.
    -Invisible: Tank has 95% visibility reduced.
    -Scared to death: Nearest survivor within 150 units will instantly die.
    Ice Tank
    -HP: 60k
    -Speed: 1.4 (1.0 on fire)
    -Level: 185
    -Damage: 300HP
    -Incap Damage: 300HP
    -Hit Interval: 0.5
    -Tier 1
    -Melee Damage Reduction: The tank shields 90% of total melee damage.
    -Reduces the speed of nearby survivors by 5% each 0.5 seconds. (Maximum: 75%). Effect slowly vanishes after going away from the tank. Radius: 400.
    -Ice Rock: The rock can explode and will slow down nearby survivors by 35%
    Guardian Tank
    -HP: 75k
    -Speed: 1.30 (1.15 on fire)
    -Level: 215
    -Damage: 100HP
    -Incap Damage: 100HP
    -Hit Interval: 0.75
    -Tier: 1
    -Rock-less: The tank does not throw rocks.
    -Fire immunity: The tank is immune to fire.
    -Melee Damage Reduction: The tank shields 90% of total melee damage.
    -Decreases damage taken by all tanks and special infected nearby by 80%. Does not apply for the tank itself. Radius: 1000.
    -Every 10th to 30th claw hit will force the survivor's active weapon to drop.
    -Moustachio Penetration: Allows 40% of the total damage taken by survivors nearby to pass trough the moustachio bless. This damage is not boosted by any upgrades or buffs at all. Radius: 1000.
    Grenadier Tank
    -HP: 50k
    -Speed: 1.5
    -Level: 180
    -Damage: 100HP
    -Incap Damage: 110HP
    -Hit Interval: 1.00
    -Rock-less: The tank does not throw rocks.
    -Fire Immunity: The tank is immune to fire.
    -Melee Damage Reduction: The tank shields 90% of total melee damage.
    -Explosives Immunity: The tank is immune to explosions
    -Grenade: Throws a grenade that deals a maximum 100HP damage.
    -Multiple Grenade Shot: Throws 4 rapid grenades at random locations.
    Bloody Tank
    -HP: 150k
    -Speed: 1.30 (1.30 on fire)
    -Level: 415
    -Hit interval: 1.0;
    -Damage: 100HP
    -Incap Damage: 100HP
    -Tier: 2
    -Rock-less: The tank does not throw rocks.
    -Fire immunity: The tank is immune to fire.
    -Melee Damage Reduction: The tank shields 90% of total melee damage.
    -Leader: The tank is able to request backup.
    -Bleedout: Increases bleedout rate of survivors nearby by 300%. Radius: 1000.
    -Bleeding Vulnerability: Increases damage taken by incapped survivors by 300%. Radius: 1000.
    -Vampirism: Every 5th claw hit will force the survivor to lose all the temporary health and the tank will healt with it.
    -Blood Shield: The tank shields x% of all damage taken, where x is the amount of survivors the tank
    manages to incapacitate (75% maximum).
    -Witch Curse: While the ability is active, 4 witches will appear cursing
    the nearby area. Survivors inside the curse radius while it's in progress will
    experiment a 50% speed reduction. Once the the curse is completed, nearby
    survivors will receive 300HP damage and will have a 7% chance of getting
    cursed. A cursed survivor will experiment 1000% additional damage from all
    sources for 5 seconds.
    -Body Absorption: The tank will kill and absorb the common infected nearby to heal
    for 500HP for each common trapped in the spell. Radius: 1000.
    -Helpers: The tank will spawn multiple jockeys that are unable to use their abilities
    and will not damage the survivors. However, each time one of the slave jockeys hit a
    survivor, the tank will heal for 60HP.
    Fighting Advices:
    -Do not bile the tank as that will benefit the tank's active ability "Body Absorption".
    -Kill the slave jockeys as soon as possible to prevent the tank from healing.
    -Stay away from the tank when the curse is in progress.
    -Help incapacitated teammates as quick as possible to avoid them from dying too quick.
    -When low in health, the tank will start calling for backup. Get a group of survivors to take care of the incoming special and common infected while the others fight the tank.
  2. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    I saw the ghost and ice yesterday, cool stuff! What about a tank that ignites with fire whoever throws a molotov at it lol
  3. HI, HC

    Thanks for the new tanks. Was fun fighting them.

    For the Ghost Tank which is supposed to have vomit immunity, it can be biled. And the team could kill the tank without much difficulty.
    Would be nice if I couldn't see it biled. Thanks.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Many thanks for the new tanks HC!

    And I knew the Bloody was different in some way, after the team got wrecked by them twice, it seems the bloody is now a formidable tier 2.

    Oh, and rest in pieces Drainer Tank, you will (not) be missed.
  5. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Nice update! thanks HC :)

    By normal logic, fire (molotov) should do extra damage to ice tank xD
  6. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Great to see another update, nice job :)
  7. TastyFish

    TastyFish Member

    I think it's important to note that the hit interval on other tanks (regular, para) has decreased. I noticed that when I had a regular tank hitting an incapped player. Also noticed when I had one chasing me where I would stop and back off when it was time for him to swing at me. The only downside to this is it becomes even harder for a low level player to pick up someone. Doesn't matter much to me.
  8. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    I noticed that the fire rate has increased a lot... Also I notice the common infected a little slower...

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