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  1. Hi guys :D

    I am starting off with the Creation Kit right now and because we got a lot of Modding Pros here on that server I thought maybe some of you have experience with the SCK.

    Right now I am trying the beginner mods of the Creation Kit-Wiki, aka that one here:

    I am almost finish; already opened that map ingame. But I got a problem with the bigger doorways.

    It looks like this:

    Anybody gots an idea how to get that door right?

    Already tried putting it into walls and stuff, but this caused the map to crash.
  2. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    The model doesn't have a back face. You'd need to convert the model to render on both sides or add the other required pieces to the door's framework (or try flipping the texture's UV, that sometimes solves it on other 3d programs).
  3. thought about something similar too. For me it looks like if the door was a bit wider it would fit. Every other door fits perfect to the walls.
  4. The other problem is the floor. Cant lay something over that free triangle. Forces to crash the map too :O
  5. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    What happens if you rotate it 180? Can you show us what it looks like on each side of the door.
  6. WeeJocky

    WeeJocky Game Server Moderator

    I don't have experience with the Skyrim SDK, although I did dabble in the Oblivion one, so I don't know but it could be that that door is a transistion door, i.e. one for loading a new area, hence why it's not modeled on the back.

    As for the empty triangles, I assume Skyrim still uses the tile system; it may be that the corridor tile will simply not fit into that hole, try finding another tile (an exit tile with a hole in) that can be connected in between the two.
  7. Found a solution. Just had to use another door. Clicked at the false one. Beginner mistake I guess :D
  8. But thank you all :]
  9. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Release it at skyrimnexus when youre ready......
  10. Of course I will ;D

    well, this one is just the tutorial map from the SCK wiki, but it would be great if some people could give me a feedback though.

    And I got a new question for you. Tried to save the changed map. Picked the already existing plugin in my Skyrimfolder, so the Editor could overwrite it. It said "File is a masterfile or in use. Please select another file to save to."
    So I saved it as a new file and added a word to the name. As I opened it, everything on the map except the new parts I added were vanished.
    Is it even possible to overwrite files here or just to save the whole thing as a new map that doesnt just save the new added parts?

    *EDIT* Figured out what to do. Had to set the plugin status to active.

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