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    Server Rules

    General rules:
    • No cheating / hacking / exploiting
    • No racism
    • No side-channel voice chat
    • No insulting language / nicknames

    Base building rules:
    • Do not build on roads, bridges, runways and in cities.
    • Do not build close to/around another persons base.
    • Any player owned bases/buildings found inside cities/runways/bridges/loot spawning areas will be deleted upon being reported.


    Server restarts

    Q: When do server restarts happen?
    A: At this moment every 6 hours. You will be able to see a small timer on the bottom right location of your HUD, or alternatively on your debug monitor.

    Q: Why do server restarts happen?
    A: Reason one is performance. The Arma2 server engine has a few memory leaks which causes the server to lag more and more with every hour. The second reason is that this is the only way we can wipe the looted helicopter crash sites from the map.

    Q: When does it become daylight and when does it become darkness?
    A: Depending on the restart cycle (and your luck) the server will 5 hours of daytime and 1 hour of dusk/night time with slight changes towards either way.

    Helicopter Crash Sites

    Q: How many crash sites are there?
    A: They become more and more frequent over time untill the reset at the server restart.

    Q: In which area will crashes occur most frequently?
    A: They will crash somewhere on the -entire- map.


    Q: What do you mean "no safezones"?
    A: Everywhere in the game, you are at risk of being attacked by the other players and zombies. This means that you will have to plan and rethink every trip very carefully and choose the least (or most) populated areas/traders depending what you intend to do.

    AI & AI Patrols

    Q: What is an AI?
    A: It's a computer controlled hostile player. Typically a survivor/bandit.

    Q: What is an AI Patrol?
    A: It's a computer controlled hostile player group. AI Patrols are using different vehicles to roam the map (and hunt the players down if encountered).

    Q: What kind of AI Patrols are there?
    A: There are 4 land patrols and one Helicopter.

    - 2 UAZ Jeeps (4 AI's per vehicle)
    - 1 Humwee Jeep (5 AI's per vehicle)
    - 1 Ural Truck (15 AI's per vehicle)
    - 1 Huey Helicopter (5 AI's per vehicle)

    The trucks typically roam the various roads in the game looking for survivors to kill, while the helicopter patrols the air engaging random survivor controlled vehicles.

    Q: Which are can I find an AI Patrol?
    A: You are as likely find them in Kamenka as you are at the far north. They will travel randomly at every road in the map.

    Q: Can I kill them and loot them?
    A: Yes


    Q: What are missions?
    A: There are 3 types of possible simultaneous missions on the server. They are randomly selected from the pool of multiple different missions and can appear anywhere in the map. You will be able to locate any active missions by looking the map in game.

    Missions are high risk high reward activities with both AI and Players coveting for the rewards that are found on the Mission areas. If you are looking to participate in one, be ready to kill.

    Q: What types of missions are there?
    A: There are 3 types and they are:

    Green: Minor Missions. (These are the easiest missions that can be completed).
    Red: Major Missions. (These missions have higher loot, but you are more likely to get killed too)
    Yellow: Capture Missions. (These missions have the highest loot, and are most dangerous to complete).

    Skalisty Island

    Q: What's up with the Skalisty Island?
    A: It's been completely remade. Skalisty Island is an AI controlled military base with the highest loots in the game. If you can conquer and loot all three locations found in the Island (and get away alive), you will get off with lot of good stuff.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: Skalisty Island is reset at every server restart. (AI Repsawned, Loot Respawned), and open for anyone to try and conquer the place. The easiest way to get on the island is via the bridge.

    Q: How hard is it?
    A: Very hard. Even crossing the bridge to the island alive might be difficult without the AI noticing you.

    Custom content

    Q: What extra locations are there?

    - Kamyshovo Military Camp
    - Chernogorsk Apartment Complex
    - Extra Airfield (NWAF)
    - DayZ SA Military camps (Vybor, Dichina & Novy Lug)
    - Extended Zelenogorsk city
    - Extended Vybor city
    - Reworked Balota Airfield


    Q: Do you have Snap/Vector building supported?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you have plot management/friends supported?
    A: Yes, we support Plot, Door & Safe/Vault management and eye scan.

    Q: So I can build a base with my friend/clan?
    A: Yes. But you will need to deploy a plot pole and add your friends as "plot friends" to grant them rights in constructing/deploying stuff in your area.

    Q: Will I have to maintain my base/does my base decay over time?
    A: No. Base decay/maintain costs are not enabled on the server.

    Q: Can I build anywhere?
    A: Almost anywhere. You are not allowed to build in:

    - Roads
    - Cities
    - Airfields/Runways
    - Bridges
    - Loot spawning area. (e.g inside some large existing building that is frequently looted by other players).

    All buildings/bases reported in such areas will be deleted.

    Q: So where should I build?
    A: Anywhere else.. the map is full of open area with hills, mountains and forest and farm fields.. You can even build next to a road as long as its not blocking the road itself.


    Q: How many vehicles are there?
    A: 200. These are found around the map with various status. Some parts might be broken, or they might be out of fuel. If you are lucky, you might find a fully working vehicle as well. When the amount of vehicles goes under this number, more are automatically spawned. So if you find a truck and destroy it, a new vehicle is spawned somewhere else.

    On top of this static number, there are personal vehicles that can be bought from the traders or found in mission sites. There are no limits for these vehicles.

    Q: Theres no refuel/repair option in gas station?
    A: It's an apocalypse.. Find a Jerrycan/Fuel Barrel and fill it from the large fueltanks found behind the gas station buildings. Or alternatively you can find a hose and siphon fuel from other cars found on the road assuming you have an empty jerrycan as well.

    Q: How can I repair my vehicle?
    A: Find a toolbox and salvage parts from other vehicles or find the parts from Industrial buildings/farms or even buy/exchange from from a trader.

    Server settings

    Q: What weapons are enabled?
    A: Everything.

    Q: What vehicles are enabled?
    A: Everything.

    Q: Can I self transfuse a bloodbag?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is there humanity system?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How do I disable the debug monitor?
    A: Press INSERT key from your keyboard.

    Q: Do you have spawn selection?
    A: Yes, but only the coastal areas.

    Q: Help! I spawned but i'm falling from the sky!
    A: Relax, your parachute will open automatically. You can also open it yourself at certain height and glide into location of your liking.

    Q: Why do I spawn from air?
    A: To counter spawn campers that know the exact spots where respawned players will appear. And also to give you some power to decide where you wish to start from.

    Hacking / Exploiting

    Q: Are hacks allowed?
    A: No, get lost.

    Q: What is considered exploiting?
    A: With exploiting we mean taking advantage of bugs/glitches which gives you advantage over other players that are unaware of these exploits. We expect people that play DayZ are smart enough to figure out themselves what we consider exploiting.

    Q: Do you have an antihack?
    A: Yes, we are running 3 types of "antihacks".
    - First off, we have Battleye Anticheat enabled which every player has installed on their game clients.
    - Secondly, we run the latest InfiSTAR AntiHack to counter script based cheats that may bypass Battleye Anticheat.
    - Third DayZ Epoch Mod includes it's own AntiHack/Anti-RE.

    Q: A hacker killed me, now what?
    A: We will investigate who did it, ban him and report him for mass banning.

    Q: How often are backups made?
    A: Every 10 minutes.
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