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  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    This news probably won't come to the joy of most people, but it must be done.

    After 4 scenario attempts (win/loss doesn't matter), the scenario server will be inaccessible for 2 hours. If the time between scenario attempts is over 2 hours, the count is reset.

    I can envision a few questions coming up in response to this, so I'll give my answers:

    "Why limit what we play?"

    It's no surprise that the Scenario server gives way more experience than regular COOP. When scenarios were introduced in 1.7, they were meant to supplement COOP and be rare but occasional alternatives. Right now with the new scenarios they are pretty much being played all day non-stop, which goes against the point of them. At this rate, COOP is only really being played for finding items and completing quests.

    Even in the so-called 'waste of time' moments where the team fails, the Tier 2/3 tanks killed still count as experience earned.

    Non-stop scenarios will also cause people to eventually get bored of them. I didn't anticipate them being played so often, which was rather short-sighted of me. The cooldown serves as a way to get people to do something else for a bit.

    "Why not let us enter the server and block scenario arranging?"

    In the past people have idled for almost 2 hours on a server to play events, and it will probably happen again. It will also prevent people from hogging slots on the server.

    To compensate for this, I've made some balance changes that should make scenarios/COOP a bit more reasonable to play. As ever, I'm watching scenario attempts so if something seems too overpowered it will eventually be balanced out.
  2. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The Scenario Cooldown has been removed. In its place, each clan scenario now requires a clan item which is crafted in a similar way to the Prison Key. I have no idea if this will resolve the situation or not, but there's only one way to find out.

    The chance to craft each one is 30% (including the Prison Key). If there are too many being made the chance may be lowered, on the flip-side, if not, it may be increased.

    Torn Tickets also no longer drop in scenarios.
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