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Reviving Versus

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Tali, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

  2. fufu

    fufu Junior Member


    !votescramble is bugged too
    swap most of the players into spec
    not really doing any scramble at all

    also bug at map dark carnival
    map 3
    where at the beginning of the round randomly spawn some surv players to the destination safe room
  3. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    To avoid using smoker today
    we did not have much crash today
    and people really came back

    the setting of the server
    with the players that joined
    and the time we had today
    has proven that this is the right way to bring VS server back

    except those little bugs to be fixed
    please do NOT Nerf the server again

    with little time for the players to get familiar with the server again
    I really believe there is chance
    this place would be packed again
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  4. Centro

    Centro New Member

    there is always pro and contra to any update or changes. but if people keep complain like surv too OP or inf too OP, it will never stop and there are will be few people keep complain again with the update. only few people complain but affect to many people, versus has changed so many times and there are people who still keep complaining. we need people to don't look back and just accept the versus system currently. update or change something might will be make new bugs.

    we just need people start to play it first and invite others to fill the server. if they don't want, dont force to change the system again, it will never get enough. I want the old system back also mainly before grenade trap get nerfed, or like now I want to can buy drainer again, but what we can do just accept the truth with all the changes and play the current system for now, or it will keep changing and never stop. im sure admins need a lot of hardwork for this too, at least fix the crash is enough now.
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  5. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    1.yesterday earlier the limit of tanks were 3
    few hours later it has became 2
    2. with the option of tanks which already has not thing much to buy
    now buying special tank depends on percentage of luck and chance !!

    Nerf like these are exactly what happened to server at first place
    going throw the history of vs server
    making the mistakes all over again
    its not personal speculation or pure guessing
    we all saw where it had led the vs server to

    with the hard work of MG staffs
    adding new stuffs such as roles for each inf is very good idea
    but PLEASE do not nerf the old setting
    just because few players complains
    everyone love the feeling of wining
    but there is no easy way

    you do not come to play server often
    you do not want to level up
    and you just want to win the game easy

    its not the setting that makes tank overpowered
    its not which buff that makes infected kills you always
    its just people who makes it powerful

    3 tanks at the same time too OP?
    we still managed to kill them all 3 days ago or even 3 years ago
    drainer tank too OP ?
    people still killed it within secs
    price of item are too cheap and should be rising ?
    i saw people started to def people as many as they can again
    and still the game ends after a good and long fight we still killed them all
    and rushing problems were not there anymore

    why there are so many kinds of special tanks in coop server
    why it is always packed with people
    because bots do not complain about human too many at a time
    bots do not complain human too OP with all that skills and upgrades and buffs
    and so minimized the possibilities of nerfing
    and maximized the chance of always trying to have something new
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
  6. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    oh and one more thing about VS server last night
    a lot of Not capped level or coming back old players with level 214 215
    who does not even know how to use !role
    means that they did not even set the buffers
    were still playing very good like there were no much difference between new levels and new buffs
    and even won the round
    THAT is the true Balance of the game setting
    another prove that there is no such thing as too OP
  7. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I didn"t play on versus waiting a little how thing evolve and have a clan to manage , word i have on return has tank is a little OP ( it seem 90% of map as winning by tank ) just report coz some are bored by argument of other .

    Fufu please Edit your post didn't need 5 post

    I reput my idea pass to honorcode and mute
    In Coop , buff equiped have an asterix , why don't use the same system on infected ( so versus ) buff , can make thing REALLY more usefull for people

    I will see by my eyes the 10th i promise play for liem hope that going be fun
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    been chatting away with skywalker since tonight and He suggests HonorCode get some stuff in VS fixed.

    The entire chat as below
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: really, tell hc about the spitter thing lol
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: the damage bounty farm from it is too high
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: make it only incapping can have bounty plz
    timkit [™۞]: well, it isnt the only thing that is worth debuffing down lol
    timkit [™۞]: the smoker cloud's damage can accumulate a high amount of bounty if too many survivors get incapped
    timkit [™۞]: :P
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: and make the slap power stronger plz
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: well that wasnt a problem since ur case is rare to me
    timkit [™۞]: yeah, with that bitchslap kill on karma charge lol.
    timkit [™۞]: only saw it once so not that big of a deal :P
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: i mean, that jockey needs to be powered up lolz
    timkit [™۞]: also it can occur in the same conditions as vomiting a survivor
    timkit [™۞]: hmmm, how does the jockey need to be powered up?
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: ??
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: not jockey
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: the boomer slap power
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: especially against ppl riden by jockeys
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: it used to take away like 70-75% of the player's health lolz i think
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: *full health i mean
    timkit [™۞]: of cause,
    timkit [™۞]: the maximum HP we had in the past wasnt enough to survive these jockey slaps
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: not really
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: its still enough, but will be like only 5% of health left lolz
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: if at full power of slap i mean

    You know I've also noticed one thing myself, If I do well enough against the survivors effectively with good charge, hunter, smoker damage attacks I can gain myself over 100 - 200 bounty per end of VS round as an infected on any map if there is at least 15 or more players, sometimes over 300 if the match goes on for a while. This can be done without tanks.

    Most of the bounty gain i've experienced is from being able to incap several survivors at once with the smoker's damage dealer class smoke cloud damage, given how I use a smoker is just to spawn him in, hope the survivors kill you in a good location for them to get damaged very often since you'll often want to get yourself killed in close quarter areas where your sure the survivors are most likely to stay around.




    And as for the VS bugs that still need fixing, the screenshot below shows the chat in VS that tells you about the nature of these bugs. It includes 1 have not yet reported to taiga about the passing finale having COOP based maximum number of gascans by difficulty rather than the normal VS based maximum number of gascans in the Versus Server (It is automatically assumed that the Dead Center finale in VS is also affected by this bug).



    There are some more VS bugs I would mention here but not going to do so since its better off for me to be reporting it elsewhere (on the bug reporting website that is)

    Both versions in Versus need to be updated to V1.6.5.0 with the build number above the current one because the Easter Event eggs can still be exchanged on the EU VS server or so.

  9. Angel

    Angel MG Donor

    Removing bounty gain from goo/cloud damage is not the way to go in my opinion. It's easily fixed by just putting a cooldown for damage gained from the toxic cloud or spitter goo. I specifically asked HC to bring back bounty for spitters and I wouldn't like to see it get removed once again.

    I do however agree with the jockey slaps. I'm very satisfied with the slap power for boomers but jockey slaps should be made possible again. We've noticed that simple jockey jumps are way more fatal and frequent than jockey slaps ever were (I killed like 3 people just by jumping off some stairs in the finale of The Passing). I think jockeys shouldn't be able to jump that high and I hope that in exchange for that we can perform jockey slaps again.

    Some bugs that occurred should also be mentioned here already like the random server crashes. Some of us (survivors) spawned in the end saferoom of the barns map of Dark Carnival, which continued until we cleared the first map of No Mercy and then the issue disappeared on its own somehow.

    The biggest issue right now however is when people join the game (and sometimes when there's a map change), they are assigned as spectators and have to switch to a team to play. Also, if people join the survivors when the round has already started (once the mains have been chosen) and even if everyone is still in the saferoom, they will be dead. I think as long as the survivors are still in the saferoom, people should be able to join alive. I'm not sure what to do about people who crash midgame while on the survivor team though, because as soon as they disconnect they will be dead. Maybe allow a 2-3 minute window for people to get back into the game?

    I just want to mention this though, thanks again for the changes so far. We've been able to have some really fun games just like the old times, and the servers aren't completely dead anymore.
  10. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    The issue with giving them a time window is that a bot would be required to keep the gameplay moving on, unless you want to spent the time in an area waiting for the crashed person to rejoin, in which case it will be killed quite fast.

    Alternativly saving the postion and teleport them back could cause issues like some areas like the 2nd map of the sacrifice campaign where there is an invisible wall where the survivors drop down before the tank appears inside the train which could cause the crashed player to get stuck or even worse left alone in the back.
  11. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    True and all, I never said for the bounty gain on toxic cloud to be removed, agreed though, it does deserve a slightly bigger delay in the person who died emitting it getting bounty when more survivors are in it or so.

    As far as I know I haven't even coordinated with a jockey to do a jockey-slap so I wouldn't know. You guys on the other hand would probably know more by having done these.

    While some of the crashes are rather unexplained, fufu already pointed out that some were possibly the cause of some non-working smoker buffs to do with giving one or more tongues as an effect. Also the bug with the Dark Carnival Map 4 was a one off thing that happened, and hopefully it is, given I haven't seen a bug like that before, therefore I won't be reporting that bug just yet until we get more confirmed cases in more maps with it and that it also occurs again on c2m4. I will however will be keeping an eye on it.

    Here's a below screenshot of the c2m4 bug.


    With the biggest issue your talking about, I can relate to that with the below screenshot.


    As long as I me, fufu and other VS players are able to call out players from COOP and other servers on mgftw as well as those who are online on steam, the VS servers will continue to be alive. However when invites aren't send out and people don't know whether or not to join VS because of a low player base, there is no natural filling up of players.
  12. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    thank you for the information about spitter
    cause it has been modified so badly that only did super little damage and very few bounty gain in the past
    so bad that i did not use it anymore
    ill give it a try next time
    it is not bounty farming by its spit
    it is how it gets its bounty from
    could you call pumping or karma from charger a bounty farming
    or slapping from boomer a bounty farming
    please do not modify that again

    and due to avoid crashing the server
    i did not use smoker as well
    and tim is right about by only using limited option of inf such as charger hunter and jockey
    over 100 bounties could be earned by the end of the game
    tank is not necessarily bought
    and its not necessarily reason that ends the game
    but people enjoy using tank as other infected
    i believe there is nothing wrong with it and very command thing
    also makes the game more fun
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  13. Leon

    Leon Member

    played a game today and my conclusion for making versus a game where there is less troll buffs and methods is this:

    hidden magnum buff, annoying to the most part when survivors are crawling, u can crawl an entire map using magnum with ur team because the damage is too high.
    *** reason behind removing the buff from versus so players who actually want to get magnum will need to find it or buy it.

    Crawling: increase damage while moving as you crawl.

    vomit: not sure if every single player and bot out there has goggles? i mean i can only see 1 person being vomited on, and that is like a new player who joined. even bots don't get effected from it. ( correct me if im wrong or miss something )

    a little bit increase to base hp to make it up for the crawling increase dmg while moving "IF" it happened.

    Tank instant death on basically 40k+ hp for no reason. may kill the game in most cases.

    oh almost forgot, keep getting the message on how to use infected while ruins the game -.-
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  14. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    And to add to that. did two sets of invites to VS tonight, the first 1 that happened about 7 hours ago resulted in only 2 players joining, 14 players declining and 12 players who didn't reply or I didn't reply further to.

    The second set did involve a smaller number of invites because we basically played after managing to get the EU VS up to 8 players. still though, some of the players invited declined my invites anyway.

    To get a VS game up and running, it requires inviting players now as it is rare for players to be joining without being invited, unless a VS only event was running on mgftw. Correct me if i'm wrong but with the current ratio of VS to COOP players being very low, it is as it is to happen.

    1. Make the Hidden Magnum Buff a COOP Only Buff is basically what leon means here.
    2. The Last Strength upgrade maximum should be increased by 50% (300% -> 350%) (1200 -> 1350) (1440 -> 1620 with +20% additional max incap HP) to make up for the increased crawling damage, since there is a chance of receiving +20% additional Maximum Incapacitation HP. (Also been a feature in the original Left 4 Dead 2)
    3. Where the crawling damage is to be increased every time you move, Have it start at 6 HP/s and then increase it slowly to 24 HP/s over 45 seconds with the crawling damage able to be slowly decreased as the player isn't moving over 25 seconds.
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
  15. Angel

    Angel MG Donor

    If the survivors are able to crawl "an entire map" the infected are obviously not doing a good job but this is most likely because the server is rarely full. When the server is full/near full, the game is balanced when it comes to that. The hp you get from Last Strength is already enough in my opinion since otherwise it will take forever to kill anyone with 1500 incap hp... It would just seem even more like you're supposed to play while crawling which isn't the point of versus. Especially not now since we've had the bounty for health items lowered and the games are long by default.

    Increasing the damage taken while crawling is also pretty pointless because it disrupts the way most of us like to play (I understand that this suggestion was for the increased incap hp though). Besides, even if you crawl you can still get slapped/charged to death.

    Removing the hidden magnum would cause some issues, one being that you can't have a melee weapon and magnum simultaneously. The magnum only appears while you're down and you get your melee weapon back once you're up again. I'd say that almost nobody would use a magnum as a secondary weapon so by removing the buff it would make the magnum pretty much unused for the most part. The magnum shoots quite slow compared to the assault rifles and your accuracy drops a bit while incapped anyway. Good luck trying to hit anything with a regular pistol (the bots will kill anything regardless though).

    As for the vomit I'm not sure, we talked a bit about that one time with HonorCode and there were a few suggestions.

    I haven't been available much due to exams and stress, but after June 10th I'll be available to play more often. I feel like digging my own grave already though...

    Another issue besides people playing more coop than versus is the fact that people live in different time zones so it's even harder to set up a game spontaneously without mentioning it beforehand.

    Anyway, I assume most people like to relax and be able to earn tons of xp and such in a non-competitive environment, so that's why most people stick to coop nowadays. As mentioned before, there are people who play versus and people who don't, but there's also the thing that there aren't any "ambassadors" for versus to make coop people interested in playing versus. There are also not many people available to teach newcomers how to play because coop/versus playstyles are completely different.
  16. Leon

    Leon Member

    to clear few things up, by base damage i never said anything about incap hp, i meant the normal survivor hp to 1k instead of 500 ( NOT incap hp) magnum accuracy is good enough while incap to get headshot, since i got back and seen the vs games many people crawl instead of walking, if they got to the point of being incapped.

    you would see a team of high lvl and other team imba to the point of not even wanting to try. i get that many vs players wont like what they read at these suggestion posts that goes against their style of game, but vs won't be having new players if it only suited old players and the way they played which new players can't learn them due to lack of people teaching them, because one time there was one person yelling in mic asking ppl to stand in the spawn or w.e it was, to block SI, while many surv's were clueless.

    Vomit, bots do not get vomit, they have goggles i think due to previous players using them and buffs wont leave them.

    As for magnum, i think u can increase its accuracy if you crouch while incap, just press ctrl, idk if its normal or i am mistaken but im going to try it right after i post this here.
  17. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Well, everyone does have their own busy lives. Good luck with those exams angel, and yeah I look forward to seeing you on VS when I get the opportunity to invite players (ONLY during weekends, I don't do it on a weekday basis unless HonorCode is on and or an event is currently on for VS only).

    And don't forget that you still earn bounty for survivors that are vomited on, even if they are immune to the effect with showing no purple glow on them due to the Goggles Buff, but yes we need to talk to HonorCode about that. I'm interested in the suggestions.

    With crawling, when everyone is incapacitated, the crawling damage that they receive while moving is disabled until at least 1 survivor is standing, only taking the normal 6 bleed damage every second with an additional +1 every so often. Also gotta agree with angel, what I would add to that is that it disrupts the current meta of VS that we want and are working hard to realize: for long and fun VS matches. That was something I had forgotten to think about when making up the post.

    Pistol is quite weaker compared to Magnum in VS, you cannot one shot CI and it deals far lower base damage at close range (more than half as much). Plus ontop of what angel said about decreased accuracy during incapacitation, you also happen to get a decreased rate of fire. That also means I take back what I said about the Hidden Magnum Buff in the previous post.

    BTW, headshots deal 4x base damage, making some weapons a 1 shot kill against all special infected on a headshot hit.
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