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  1. Kaji

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  2. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

  3. XeroX

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  4. Centro2

    Centro2 Junior Member

  5. ( Reserved project )
    Clan Name : Dominion's Dogma
    Clan tag : [Ω]
    ( Forum created may be )
  6. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

  7. Kitteh

    Kitteh New Member

    Clan name : Angels of death
    Clan tag : [☠]
  8. Skaði

    Skaði MG Donor

    Clan Name: Norse Warriors
    Clan Tag: [⚔]
  9. Sheryl

    Sheryl New Member

    Clan Name : Hydro~
    Clan Tag : [ϑ]
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  10. BadBreezy™

    BadBreezy™ New Member

    I would like to reserve this tag for Ghost Division [ϟ].
  11. kanna

    kanna New Member

    [☪] for KanneeD clan thanks :>
  12. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Kill the traitor my fellows :D
  13. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    A traitor because she made her own clan?
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  14. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    it's a joke wes :V
  15. yeojinnn

    yeojinnn New Member

    I'd like to reserve |♔| for Seoulite clan. Thank you~
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  16. BadBreezy™

    BadBreezy™ New Member

    I would like to reserve [☣] for Tacocats! clan, please and thanks.
  17. DID

    DID New Member

    Would like to reserve |❖| for Prometheus clan, thanks.

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