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Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Stefeman, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Kaji

    Kaji Junior Member

  2. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

  3. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

  4. Centro2

    Centro2 Junior Member

  5. ( Reserved project )
    Clan Name : Dominion's Dogma
    Clan tag : [Ω]
    ( Forum created may be )
  6. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

  7. Kitteh

    Kitteh New Member

    Clan name : Angels of death
    Clan tag : [☠]
  8. Skaði

    Skaði MG Donor

    Clan Name: Norse Warriors
    Clan Tag: [⚔]

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