Repairing the car in c1m4_atrium - A small addition

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    This finale is a bit notorious for probably being the finale with the biggest failure rates. If a tier 2 or 3 spawns, unless you can balance between killing the Tank and guarding the car, it can almost always be game over. So, I thought of a way to allow survivors to repair the car in some way as a means of balancing it a bit.

    Behold, the tool chest: [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/2dZA9OG.jpg"}[/IMG2]

    These red tool chests can be found scattered throughout the map. What survivors must do to repair the car is scavenge in each of them until they find a Repair Kit. Once found, said survivor then goes to the front of the car and repairs it. To search for the Repair Kit and use it, press your Use key on the respective objects. A few things to note:
    • Only one tool chest will have a Repair Kit at any given time. Once one has been found, another random one will have it.
    • If a tool chest can't be searched in, then someone else has already searched in it and found nothing.
    • Once a Repair Kit has been found, all tool chests will become searchable again.
    • A survivor can only hold one Repair Kit and can't search in other tool chests until the Repair Kit is used.
    • Repairing the car only increases its health by 500, but it can be done endlessly.
    • Searching in the tool chest takes 3 seconds, where as repairing takes 8.
    • Any number of survivors can hold a Repair Kit at the same time.

    This will hopefully have the effect of making this finale a bit more fair, but in a way that puts it in the survivors' hands.

    One more thing, if all the required gascans have been poured in and the car's health reaches zero, instead of blowing up, anyone outside of the escape zone will be left for dead and the finale will end with everyone inside escaping alive.

    PS. If you're a new or returning member and are wondering what's with the devoidance of updates being posted here, most updates are now added to the in-game changelog, which can be accessed from the Control Panel in the Others section, or simply typing !changelog into the chat box.

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