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    This Section is made either for:

    Promoting guild (On the name of your guild thread: remember to add the abbreviation of the mode your guild focuses into)

    For Example: (PR) InfectiX | 100+ only! | Serious players needed!

    Abbreviation examples:

    Points Reloaded / Points Ranks & Skills: (PR)
    Vicious Infected: (VI)
    Berserker Mode (BM)
    Mixed modes (MM)
    All servers (ALL) <--(If you're guild/clan focuses on all server and attempts to be largest guild/clan for example..)

    Most common questions that could be asked in Guild Recruitment threads:

    1. In-Game name?
    2. Level (PR only)?
    3. What servers you usually play on? (Include location and type of game, i.e. USA COOP)
    4. What time are you usually in game?
    5. Link to the steam community profile?
    6. Are you donor?
    7. How would you rate your knowledge about the server/mod/gameplay? (Newcomer, Basics, Normal, Average, Fair, Good, Expert)
    8. Where are you from? (Area of the world, i.e. North America, Europe, Madagascar)
    9. Anything else you want to share?

    Feel free to use all or some of those quesitons in your thread if you like :P Up to you!
    Looking for a Guild:

    Instead of creating a whole new thread: "Im looking for a guild" Please, BROWSE THE EXISTING THREADS AND REPLY YOUR APPLICAITON THERE.
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