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Quests that are bugged (for me) and other information:

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by WeepingInuit, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. WeepingInuit

    WeepingInuit Junior Member

    The following stuff is obviously very minor, and i don't expect it to be fixed immediately because there are obviously more important matters at hand so yeah. Just posting here for now so i can get everything out of the way and explained for the future when it does become a priority.
    First off, myself and ChocolateAddict have noticed that the quest "Resupplying" does not give quest info or allow us to pick up any items for that quest. We have accepted it, as shown here:
    The quest info gives nothing, and does not show the tasks or rewards needed to complete it:
    The tasks and rewards sections are also empty.
    The story for the mission cuts off short and doesn't finish, the only way to accept the mission is by skipping at the first page of the story.
    I will post more missions that i have glitched at a later date because they aren't broken for other people, just myself.
  2. i know that bugged quest already you have to get 15 water bottles that's all
  3. WeepingInuit

    WeepingInuit Junior Member

    I did not know that until you said, point being that it should be fixed when that becomes a priority for MGftw.
  4. WeepingInuit

    WeepingInuit Junior Member

    Tonight i tested the next line of quests after you finish the one above, and i would have tried to test them if i could figure out what i needed to collect for the "Inseperable 1" quest. I got 5 antibiotics and there is another part to that quest that needs to be finished, and i could swear i've tested almost every item and can't find what it is. Could someone tell me what i need for this quest and for the following two quests after it?

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