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Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by R.B., Jul 25, 2015.

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  1. R.B.

    R.B. Guest


    This morning i got permbanned by ,as the page says, erik.
    now do i feel like this has to do with our argument on the mgftw facebookpage.

    On the post with hybrid playing HI, i commented that people
    who tought it might be fun to play this, should ask hybrid for an invite
    to our closed facebookgroup for HI members.
    with this i DID NOT mean the mgftw page or any related pages to it.

    I meant the page set up by the players from HI.
    Its closed due to we only want actual players from HI there.
    Its just our way of ensuring that HI keeps existing and also
    the players keep playing.
    I thought this page was known by the entire MG-staff because Choo and Jost are and Marvel used
    to be members of this group, and i apologize if this isnt the case.

    No misleading any possible new players was meant with this.
    Proof of this page is always available.

    Incase my ban has nothing to do with the above, i was wondering what
    precisly the reason of my ban is?
    the reason given says: fictional banrequests, herassing new players, giving them wrong info and making
    karmabans happen this way.

    - banrequest: i filled in 1 request in 2015. This was about a player, who used my name r.b. ingame.
    Unfortunately i had no proof of this, since i forgot to get it. Also since this player changes name every game
    recapturing the proof, unless someone can tell me a way to look up a players full namelist, is impossible and therefore is
    my banrequest not to be executed. But it was not fictional.
    - New players: every player on HI who encountered new players who wont read !help know its annoying...this can lead to calling fellow players names.
    Its something that happens daily, towards every sort of player. Its not something u can stop, and yes im guilty of this also.
    However! Saying that i give wrong info ingame i someting that hasnt happened since april 2014. The last time i did this.
    I already got banned for this incident by jost after elax told on me and scorpion who did the same. This happened on top of the roof in the map fairgrounds.

    Telling the above i dont get why i got permbanned?
    If i have done something against the rules please tell me, since i will
    deeply apologize for those incidents.

    If i need a ban give me a week or so but please not a perm :(
    Mgftw and HI have meant more to me then u can imagine.

  2. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Well, you want to air this? "Precisely?" Sure!

    Now, I'm going to begin by merely pasting ban information and notes. You and I have both discussed this over & over, but I'll spare everyone else the pretense.

    You began this unhealthy obsession with manipulating and abusing our ban submission process a over a year ago. You ficticiously submitted bogus reply-to information. You did, also, begin a habit and deliberate history of what I estimate at about 60-70 total ban submissions. People kill you on Hidden Infected, then you try to get them banned. You also target people who don't speak english. Let's begin with the first ban, though, the one where you got the taste for messing with the admins.
    [TABLE="border: 0"]
    [TD="align: right"]10-09-14 19:32[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"][​IMG] [​IMG][/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]R.B. & Vendul/Tim both broke the rules. However, they're both getting way out of hand and now they're submitting rapid ban submissions against each other.

    We can look at this any of like 3 different ways, but the only logical and fair solution is to ban them both.

    They can both take 2 days off to cool off, then reevaluate how they act on the servers.

    Note: Both used bogus "reply to" contact information, so they both obviously had no intent of us discussing this with either of them, or rationally working it out. So, again, they both get banned.[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"] [HR][/HR][/TD]
    [TD="align: right"]10-09-14 19:30[/TD]
    [TD="align: right"][​IMG] [​IMG][/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]Gamer Sent this in:

    Accusing me for random kos twice when i\'m not. Funny how he was infected both times. I know what I saw. However after talking bullsh*t to me he thought it is a good idea to rndm shoot me at least 20 times/rounds. and blame me for his obvious infected play. He even shot me when he was detective and I was too. Like what the hell? He has stats right? Look at that teamkill number in the past 3 days.

  3. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Let's continue! You mentioned teamkill and took it very personally. I have had 22 total Steam complaints in the last two weeks total. Two were from admins. You "accidentally" shoot people. But you do it to the point where you average 10% of their total health for the round. It's deliberate, as it's consistent with those who kill you.

    Another example of this entire facade and exposure, per your own request, would also be served by this example:

    Last week, you did two ban submissions. Both had no evidence, but you were more than happy to include lots of information about them, and told quite the tale. Now, between those very ban submissions which were absolutely that: you trying to get people banned who did nothing wrong.

    Between those ban submissions you were breaking the same rules you complained about two times. You did this to the point that it pissed everyone off. Two gamers rage-quit, you found it very funny. Hilarious, even, and then one actually pasted what you saidd in the chatbox! I went ahead and verified it. Yup, it checked out in the logs.

    That was when I decided to stop permitting you to waste Marvel's time, my time, and my team's time. I told you, and very lucidly, so that there's no understanding, that since you have an unhealthy obsession (more than 40%+ ban submissions than even our most accusatory gamer, in MG history, documented,) that we want no more of your nonsense. We don't want any ban submissions from you, as you've only lied, manipulated, and used our tools/resources to your personal advantage to exact some sort of sick vendetta because they bested you.

    I furthermore told you I/we won't even look at it unless you give us 100% CONCLUSIVE information. Now, you picked & chose what you told your secret Facebook fan club, the same one you talk shit about us in. You also did so to my admins just a mere hour ago! You told them that you have only done blah blah in teh last blah balh. Be that as it may, you omitted the other 90% of the situation.

    This is no different than wasting my time, wasting Marvel's time, and everyone else's while still pausing to cognitively go back to the game, piss everyone off, then you even told a new, first-time player "You are a fucking idiot."

    You told another first-time gamer something to the effect of not to come back until blah balh. The moment you made yourself more valuable than multiple people's slots was the mometn you gave up the right to ever play here again. Let's get back to your "precise" ban reasons and history!
  4. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I've noticed you favor this method of acting very outraged, and very surprised, often quizical. You laughed at me to my own co-admins about "how do you even falsify a karma ban lol."

    Here's how!

    Jost 11-02-14 20:13
    (Dead) (2000) R.B.[ : that if u kill me again, ur karma raises to 100
    (Dead) (2000) SCORPION [ : ?
    (Dead) (2000) R.B.[ : its that simple
    (Dead) (85) [CLASSIFIED] : nah dont get it
    (Dead) (2000) Xmachina : karma ban incoming
    (Dead) (2000) SCORPION [ : ok
    (Dead) (1920) : type !help
    (Dead) (2000) SCORPION [ : [CLASSIFIED]
    (Dead) (2000) R.B.[ : ok just kill me again and see, i aint lying, if u kill me again, u get 100 karma again
    Alia paused the game
    (Dead) (2000) SCORPION [ : when round start kill me [CLASSIFIED]

    This is one of FOUR of these! ChooChoo saw one. I believe Joerve or Marvel saw another... as we were all there that day, and you did it right in front of us. They can clarify. We had a nice discussion about these facts, so I'm sure it's in memory. 2 more bans to go, bear with me!
  5. erik

    erik Senior Member

    You told one of the admins you weren't to be trusted and that you don't trust yourself. You told us to ban you for 2 weeks so you could study. (ok?)
  6. erik

    erik Senior Member

    My ban notes today.

    You omit, yet again, so cleverly, in fact, that we've had to delete your comments several times. On the Facebook group, you deliberately spoke on behalf of MG! This is the same voice you took these liberties with when you purposely got others banned, TRIED to get almost ONE HUNDRED others banned for nothing, and scared/bullied off 4 that I have notes about. One even told me not to do anything because they don't want you following them around w/ your "accidental" issues.

    I saw a couple false KOS's (nothing new there) while you were infected, in and between, but hey, there's enough here and & I have enough to do between the crap you send in and the real work around here, that I feel absolutely no need, desire or reason to go locate that. I'm sure, as you've shown us time & time again, that you'll suddenly not remember this, then call my bluff. If that's the case, sure, why not, I've got nothing better to do. I can make a case out of this if you'd like. It will stretch miles.

    Before I post the notes, I will finish re-stating the shit you started on Facebook. You promoted a non-MG group. You did so with a voice and words that didn't imply or infer, but TOLD people that if they were to be accepted into the HI community, you are going nto play a part in it.

    This shit has gone on for so long, some Ahmed guy even tried to back you up and say to me: "No, the gamers think and know this, erik." Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely tickled pink, thrilled in fact, that he didn't approve. However, it was irrelevant. I bring him and this up, because I wanted to extinguish about 30 of your submissions with no evidence. You seem to have this notion that name-dropping your buddies from your friends list "as witnesses" is just as good as evidence. 2 people bullshitting and lying through their teeth isn't evidence. It's just a more deliberate lie.

    Your permanent ban, and this is a crude summary. I will tell you agian, now & forever, for the umpteenth time, that we don't work for you. You don't get to wreck the place, bring down the server and erode it (only to leave five minutes later,) then actually get to sit here and act like we are obligated to answer you. I'm doing this because, in the spirit of "enough is enough," yeah, let's air this dirty laundry. Enough people have been lost, enough donations prevented, and enough damage has been done, that I can truly, honestly, and 100% totally locate ZERO interest in your problems, complaints, or other fairy tales. I don't have time for them.

    We, Marvelous Gaming, all several thousand of us, we can not rely upon you. We can not trust you. We can not afford you.

    The notes:

    erik 07-25-15 09:59
    This is his fourth ban. Enough is enough. We have all of the following either documented, witnessed by 2+ admins, or witnessed by dev/root/head admins.

    1.) Purposely and consistently giving wrong and incorrect information to new players. Major disruption, already banned for this.

    2.) Forcing multiple karma bans through abuse of new gamers.

    3.) Cursing-out new gamers, telling them not to come back, not to play here, or "You Fucking Idiot." Four specific gamers have left in 2 weeks because of R.B., 2 of which he gave fictious ban submissions on, whilst bullying them.

    Two complained in such a way that we could not reply, or speak, adn they then rage quit for good over this.

    4.) Staging conflicts between players. I have personally received six complaints in five days, totalling 22 Steam messages (regarding deliberate trolling/shooting others, mainly) starting last Monday, about his purposeful/tactful "Random Shooting," but it's always the same thing. Over and over and over, to the point where he is dancing along the edge wtih the rules.

    There is a bunch of KOS "misudnerstandings," but I guess if he wants to be literal and techinical, semantics do trump this bullshit, and yeah he COULD be telling the truth. He did deliberately call many SUS's as infected. I was shocked to find out this is allowed, precisely because of how he abuses it.

    5.) Totally derailing / shutting down HI, twice that I can recall right now, due to going to inaccessible / off-map / glitch areas with hunter. Refusing to come back, and doing so for fun / trolling.

    I received a message from Rubber Chicken about this, because she couldn't find him. He was lol'ing it and refused to stop hiding.

    Then, it happened another time. I'm sure there's more because these two were discovered only incidentally.

    6.) Instructing gamers as admin, and directing them, now it appears, on Facebook. Left main examples, but had to purge his other crap where he spoke on our behalf.
  7. erik

    erik Senior Member

    If I can be any more precise, please don't hesitate to contact me on Steam, or here! Here to serve, just as you've come to expect! Kthx ;)

    PS - Just so the others reading this are aware, I had to protect many gamer names. Anyone listed or named is purposely named, for consistency and clarity.

    THere were also 2 who feared more bullying/repercussions, so I can't and won't name them.

    Forgive me as, I find none of this to be cute, funny, smart or cool. Were you serious when you said that you don't approve of this? And that a week is more suitable for you, not a permanent ban? I also don't believe you in any way whatsoever when you say how much this means to you. It's clearly not true, as I just now demonstrated, by summoning up the bare minimum, 2 full forum pages, of history of the exact opposite.

    This should, unarguably, clarify everything else. If you honestly think any futher discussion or commentary or bloviating about this is productive or necessary, or something anyone has time to pretend about... please don't. I'd take it as a personal favor, with genuine, real, and almost tangible gratitude if you could just stop the nonsense and quackery. I just woke up from a nap and yet this same old dance has me ready to go back to sleep. Can't imagine how the others who were saddled with this felt over the last year.
  8. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    Ok first of all, the facebookpage i and every other hi member is nothing than positive for mgftw! Without it i would doubt if HI became this popular again.

    Then about ur 6 points..

    I have absolutely NO idea how u can name point 4 and 5...
    i have never done this..who the hell is rubber chicken?!

    And shutting down HI? I am the one who contacts admins when its broken
    u really think i have any knowledge on how to derail a server????

    Lastly, about the trust thing...YES i was studying but i couldnt concentrate when i had the
    chanve to game, that is how much i love it! Thats why i requested a ban, for the sake of my grades.

    But oh well, how can i work this out when there is no believe from ur side.

    Let me give u 1 advice, from admin to admin...Ban Sooner!

    Bye with kisses,

  9. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Ban sooner. Yes, I'll take your advice on this.

    I just got done hearing a litany, a barrage, and an utter assault on the senses.... of the opposite from people you had come gunning for me becaues of your ban.

    But sure, why not, ban sooner. Let's just invert shit.

    Just stop dragging this out. It's done, let it happen. And shame on you for refusing to stop dragging more and more people into this, just to convolute things further. It's not working, because I'm obviously not resting until this entire nightmare has a bullet in its head.

    You did this, though, not me. Not ever me. I believe this stupid intercourse is now finally, at long last, concluded. I'm closing this thread. You can go be someone else's problem now. Seven hours without a bathroom break or so much as anything other than a brief nap.

    This is sick. I'm glad there's no doubts, now, but frankly disgusted that it came to this, and that so many people honestly believed this shit prior to me being forced to show my whole hand. You seem to not fully accept this, but you will. There's no possibility of this going any other way.
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