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Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by KIDO, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. KIDO

    KIDO MG Donor

    Hi Tim (99% he might reply on this thread :))

    Quick question on boosters.

    Tried the X2 for 3 weeks now and now lvl 185.

    I just noticed I get same exp on chat box with others?

    1. Ceda Green - 1k exp Yellow: 10k Red: 100k exp points
    2. Finale - 24k 16/16
    3. Tanks - Random but same as others

    are the boosters applied on background only? i.e. 1k exp (chat) then 2k exp (applied)?

    Asking this since lvl is slow now on X2 booster on my lvl. Getting the x5 today if question answered

  2. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    Boosters have no effect on notes or finale wins.
    They boost reward experience and cash.

    For example CI and SI kills. Toasters. etc.

    For example a $20 red toaster with your x2 will be boosted to $40. (or $100 if you buy a x5)
  3. KIDO

    KIDO MG Donor

    Hi Raz,

    thanks for the reply..

    Does this apply also to Tank Exp reward? or Daily Quest [Hard]? I gain more exp from them :)
  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Boosters do apply to Tank rewards, but not quest rewards. You can buy and equip the Big Check buff which increases quest rewards by 20%. Just make sure the buff is equipped before the round starts (or just equip the buff on the Scenario server when no scenario is running).
  5. KIDO

    KIDO MG Donor

    Great thanks for the info mute.

    Bought the X10 booster instead haha..hope my wife will not catch on :)

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