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Problem with buff not working

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by Ivan, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan New Member

    My friends are having a problem where they cannot use buff. I'm sure that they does everything from buying to equipping right, since I provide them with step-by-step instruction. All of my friend is having this problem, however mine work fine. Is there anything they need to do beside buying and equipping? If there is please help. Thank you in advance. Sorry if my english is bad.
  2. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Which problem exactly ?
  3. Phuriphat

    Phuriphat New Member

    I dont know. sometime my tenacity not work. but i just afk and join. my tenacity back to normally,
    or u not choose buff list,or u not equip buff.
  4. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Happen sometimes problably coz sever didn't load buff phuri

    You need be more clear , problably he use survivor buff section and not coop buff ( survivor is for versus ) , he didn't have the level ? idk .. sure it was just him do something wrong
    do a !saveme after equip buff
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Make sure that when your friends are equipping buffs, that they are equipping them into any buffset that they plan on using. Remember that you can only use 1 buff set at a time and you cannot change it during tank fights (outside of tank fights you can change buff sets at any time).

    The obvious problem I see here is that your friends might be using either a wrong buff set (perhaps a buffset they didn't want to use or one with no buffs equipped within) or they currently aren't using a buff set. In order to have the equipped buffs for any buff set work, you must equip the right buff set (that means the buff set for the current buffs equipped in that buff set you wish to use at the time).

    In order to equip buff sets. From !cp, go 1. Market, then 3. Buffs, then 3. to access the buff sets where you can change your current buff set used for COOP (COOP or Survival) or VS (VS). The shortcut you can use to also access buffsets is by typing in !buffs in the chat to get a shortcut to the buffs and then pressing 3. to access the buff sets in the same fashion.

    To make a buff set, make sure you are in the choose buffs section of !buffs by pressing 2. choose buffs at the buffs section. Then if you have 7 or more buff sets in the choosing buffs section, press 8. Next Page to go to the next page until you reach a number that does not have a buff set name, then press the number next to the words that let you create a new buff set. Then you can name your about to be created buff set (Maximum: 32 characters).

    To Equip any buff set for COOP or VS, press 1. for COOP or 2. for VS and then select from the list of buff sets you have created with equipped buffs that you wish to use, once you have selected the buff set by pressing the number associated with it, you will have selected and will now be using your chosen buff set.

    I can also give you guys some advice as well on this. Be sure to check out the usage of buffs and buff sets guide (made by myself) for more information on buffs and how some buffs can be more useful than buffs, especially when you put them together in a buff set that works well. I will be updating this guide when the next version: PR V1.7 comes out for mgftw.

    Your English is fine, no problems at all with it :)

    Click here for the Usage of Buffs and buff sets guide

    With the Tenacity Buff, if you notice you don't have tenacity based HP, before going outside the beginning or ending Saferoom, go !afk and !join quickly so you can have the equipped buff in your currently used buff set work.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  6. Ivan

    Ivan New Member

    So I got on my friend account. You can see that I have the Speedy Water Buff equipped. However, I did not received the effect of the buff. I was also unable to use other buff too. This has happen for quite sometimes now(Around 1 Week). We are on coop server and I'm sure I equip the buff on the correct list.[​IMG]
  7. Ivan

    Ivan New Member

    Ah, Let me check the buffset thing again.
  8. Ivan

    Ivan New Member

    Thank you so much. The problem was that they didn't equip the buffset. For some reason I didn't have to equip mine. Now I need to wait for my other friends to try and equip the buffset. Shouldn't be anymore problem. Anyway, thank you for all the help.^ ^
    timkit likes this.
  9. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Your welcome man, glad I could give you help on your problem :D

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