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    The Web based Buff List generator is now live! Link can be found at

    The buff list generator can be used to create and share buff lists with other people. It can also be used to simply read buff descriptions in the event you don't own them.

    Buffs can be added to the buff list, which supports all buff slots and binded buffs, via searching with the buff's name or it's category. Once added to the list, the buff name can be clicked to quickly select the buff as the active buff, with its description being shown on screen.

    There are a few limitations as of right now:
    • Currently only supports Survivor Buffs
    • Doesn't have capacity for Buff Enhancements
    • No in-game link - this one is particularly tricky as Steam Integration is fairly hard to deal with in this situation.
    A small side-note: Other additional links have been added to the forum page, which can be found towards the bottom right of the sidebar.
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    An update has been pushed for the Web Buff List Generator, it now supports buff enhancements!

    When selecting a buff, you can now see if the buff has any enhancements available for it. After adding it to the buff list, you can then set that enhancement as enabled, such that if you pass the buff list link to another person, they will see the buff with the enhancement enabled.

    Your existing buff lists should also remain compatible with the new version.

    If the page hasn't updated for you, or you are running into issues, clear your cache for the site.
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