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PR-VS: Heavily Exploited Glitch Removed

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by erik, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. erik

    erik Senior Member


    For the last year and a half at least, it has been widely-know that, in certain circumstances, a lunar slap can occur in PR-VS. If you don't know what I mean, this is something that occurs in very specific circumstances: a jockey-ridden survivor can be combo attacked with a bitch slap; they frequently hit the skybox, even. The slap is unsurvivable.

    Why it wasn't removed sooner: it was just a glitch. It was such a low priority, it was, at best, an occasional moment that happened, and was always one that was a source for humor or friendly* competition.

    A couple of gamers studied the factors and eventually perfected the glitch. Some facts before the "why's" and "what to expect next"

    - This only works for players with max level boomer bitchslap skill
    - This can be done in ANY open map, at ANY time, and unless they have a knife to burn every tiem this happens, there is no way to survive it
    - There is no way to combat it or get around it skilfully. There are invisible boomer skills, jockeys visibility is also tweaked, so this is quickly shaping up to be a high-level*** infected advantage

    I called it a glitch because it was unintended. There was no foreseeable way of knowing that, when a jockey jumps one way, as long as the adjunct boomer performs a slap while moving in the same direction, a lunar slap will occur. Glitch became exploit once it became everyday practice. MANY of us used to enjoy this, but quickly tired of it. Many dislike and have complained about it multiple times, but still use it to get a kill in a pinch. We can look at this any way anyone wants, but nothing will change the fact that it's just one more layer in the high level survivors' favor.

    Three people have realistically asked "why not just limit it?" Resources, time, prioritization. There were high and critical level issues that had to be addressed. Honestly, getting some fix when we did was quite a feat to have been pulled off, because the primary focus at the time required major effort to keep another mod alive and breathe new life into it.

    The bottom line ----> This is not permanent. Obviously, we're not just looking for ways to piss people off or to irk the veteran gamers. When there is time, and when there is a possible solution that won't add yet another plugin to our already heavy-to-bloated load, we'll give it to you. Thor suggested that there be a cooldown. I personally think there should be a per-round limit of (1) with the slap being survivable. It's too fun and we've got too many good laughs predicated on this glitch to let it just die off because it outweighed its own novelty.

    So, just to repeat and just for the record, when it's possible, we'll put back some way to have these types of events occur, but it will have to be one that is more in the spirit of balance, that won't just be reserved for high level players. I also feel it's important to mention the whole domino effect of PR. PR is not ever easy, and can frequently have unpredictable side-effects if changes are made. Many times, when HonorCode does an update... it is hardly just adjusting a couple lines of code. Many times, he has to adjust the variable on one plugin, then open the next one in the chain, and so on. Some of these things don't agree with each other and cause yet even more side effects/bugs. This was the best, fastest, and most effective solution to put some balance into the match.

    We already have an infected advantage due to early spit / early spawn possibilities, aka a premature start to versus. HonorCode patched that as well. We had years and years where we didn't require a jockye to get a qualifiable, or good kill via slap. ChooChoo is doing some new pathing. You're encouraged and invited to ask for more karma spots. I already have!

    I am sorry and I do apologize for this, but fair is fair, and it's discouraging to see so many get upset over it so frequently.

    Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.
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