[PR] Timtam Killers [™۞] (No Level Limit)

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  1. timkit

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    Welcome to the clan Timtam Killers [™۞]


    Will probably do an actual drawing of our clan logo in the near future :)

    Current !gp (as of January 8th 2019)


    Clan Level: 20
    Clan Cash: 51,430,537
    Victory Points: 2355
    With all Clan Benefits and all Clan Tank Abilities Unlocked
    Current Members: 35/35
    Invite Status: If anyone wants an invite to our clan, ask and I'll kick out any inactive members (starting with the player with the longest inactive time)
    Link to our steam group: Timtam Killers clan

    Clan Members:
    Leader: 1
    1. timkit | Level 250 [L]

    Co-Leaders: 3

    1. ckit | Lv. 250 [C]
    2. Gemini | Lv. 222 (29.5%) [C]
    3. Sora Naegino | Lv. 222 (2.0%) [C]

    No' of members: 31

    1. Pinuts | Lv. 250
    2. Kopi | Lv. 250
    3. AV | Lv. 240 (33.7%)
    4. Perma | Lv. 235 (33.1%)
    5. Haruto | Lv. 233 (72.6%)
    6. Sretzo | Lv. 233 (20.3%)
    7. BoboSir | Lv. 232 (58.6%)
    8. Shukuchi | Lv. 232 (49.8%)
    9. slushpuppy | Lv. 232 (10.0%)
    10. SXR | Lv. 228 (19.0%)
    11. Vergil The jeanne After | Lv. 226 (77.8%)
    12. BlackJackDaw | Lv. 225 (8.1%)
    13. AliCE | Lv. 225 (2.6%)
    14. Karen | Lv. 224 (96.9%)
    15. Prene | Lv. 224 (44.7%)
    16. | PFS | [HBS]GLaDOS | Lv. 223 (78.3%)
    17. Yukiha | Lv. 222 (9.9%)
    18. JanganLupaSholat | Lv. 220 (10.7%)
    19. GamingTv_VR | Lv. 216 (93.1%)
    20. Barbatos Phoenix(Gundam) | Lv. 208 (66.3%)
    21. SpuFFy | Lv. 208 (95.7%)
    22. Zexy_Zek | Lv. 207 (9.6%)
    23. melodrama | Lv. 200 (0.0%)
    24. Shoora | Lv. 197 (26.6%)
    25. i am done | Lv. 196 (48.2%)
    26. Brucie | Lv. 191 (28.7%)
    27. why are u scared | Lv. 186 (61.0%)
    28. A 4 Year old pie | Lv. 186 (9.3%)
    29. Moonlight | Lv. 183 (74.8%)
    30. Karmin | Lv. 172 (62.0%)
    31. Val_Rune.P | Lv. 120 (67.2%)

    Worth Noting:
    • We accept any player of any level with any experience in mgftw.
    • Most of the clan members are players who play a few gamemodes.
    • You are welcome to ask if you want to join the clan, however... depending on the clan members, we may have to kick out inactive members (if they have been inactive for at least 30 - 45 days) in order to make space if you do want to. This is only for the case when the clan is full.

    • Respect and Abide by all mgftw rules
    • This means that you have read and have understood all protocols in relation to mgftw.

    If for any reason you are banned twice or more from mgftw (unless one or more of the bans was an invalid ban (unbanned)) you must explain to me or any of the co-leaders about all bans received in mgftw by yourself and why you should still be able to stay in the clan. It will be then be decided accordingly between us what outcome happens.

    Looking to rejoin?
    Please Note: If you have already been kicked out of the guild, your first instance is to private message me or any co-leaders about rejoining the guild. We will consider your action based on how long it has been since your last ban and the of bans received by you so far. One other thing is whether or not you've learnt your lesson from warnings, kicks and bans overtime. You can only rejoin the guild if accepted again.

    This doesn't apply to you if you are rejoining the guild from simply leaving it (assuming no bans) and/or you have been kicked to make room for new members (assuming no bans on top of that). Again, ask me or any co-leaders if you are looking to do so :)

    Additional Information about Timtam Killers:
    Anyone is allowed to join the clan as there are no level requirements. This is a good opportunity to experience what being in a clan feels like. Please note that if you are inactive from mgftw for a period of 90 days or and I don't hear back from you, I am likely to kick you out of the clan and replace you with a more active mgftw player (no harm intended). If any clan member intends on being inactive from mgftw, at the very least be sure to let me or anyone in the clan know that you do plan on being inactive, that way if you have to be kicked out for inactiveness, i'll at least know why it had to be done so i'm worried less.

    So what are you waiting for? if you want to join the clan, approach me or any of the co-leaders via steam messaging, ingame in any of the Left 4 Dead 2 mgftw servers and this forum thread here.

    If you wish to join the clan (through forum means) I require the following:

    • Link to your steam profile
    • Your Current In-game Name
    • Your Current Level (Optional)

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  2. Tanya Hsu

    Tanya Hsu Junior Member

    Can I join?
    Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997428222
    In Game Name :ܤTanyaܤ-τω-
    Level : 130
  3. T4RN3K

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  4. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    @Finn's 115 . Yes, I will accept you into the clan, will invite you now in VS.
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Removed 4 members from the clan due to inactiveness, also cleaned up the front page of the thread, reuploaded the screenshot of our current !gp to the forums and made a clickable link to the clan's steam group.

    Eskimo, 22, Eyal282 and Bamzu

    List of players who can rejoin the clan (kicked out from being inactive) (List is in order to most recent last active date)
    1. Burnt Cheese, last active: 20/02/17
    2. Nate H. [™۞], last active: 15/04/17
    3. SmY, last active: 22/04/17
    4. Bad(◣_◢) [™۞], last active: 01/05/17
    5. M5.Lord.Ban.♡.LH.[™۞], last active: 08/05/17
    6. Eskimo, last active: 15/05/17
    7. 22, last active: 28/05/17
    8. Eyal282, last active: 01/06/17
    9. Bamzu, last active: 02/06/17
    10. RatS, last active: 09/07/17
    11. Derank Road To Silver 1, last active: 15/07/17
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  7. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    Get rekt ;) {pls all members be active once per week or you get the punishment}
  8. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    emperor wrath? he is in my clan from couple of months. how is it possible u just kicked him? lol
  9. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Would have probably kicked him from much earlier on way before he joined your clan or so (assuming he was inactive before earlier in 2017, but feel free to correct me on that if i'm wrong) anyways I edited my previous post to reflect that, thanks.

    also to clear things up he definitely wasn't in my clan during this month lol.
  10. neiL1

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  11. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Saw you on ASIA COOP and have accepted you into the clan. I also have updated most of the top forum thread post, but can't really be bothered to do the graphic thing : P

    Additionally, had to remove Shoora in order to make this change happen since she didn't plan on returning to mgftw any time soon as of right now.

    So the current clan members that can rejoin since having left my clan: (This will be updated at the top of the forum thread)
    1. Burnt Cheese, last active: 20/02/17
    2. Nate H. [™۞], last active: 15/04/17
    3. SmY, last active: 22/04/17
    4. Bad(◣_◢) [™۞], last active: 01/05/17
    5. M5.Lord.Ban.♡.LH.[™۞], last active: 08/05/17
    6. Eskimo, last active: 15/05/17
    7. 22, last active: 28/05/17
    8. Eyal282, last active: 01/06/17
    9. Bamzu, last active: 02/06/17
    10. blaze_1983 [™۞], last active: 18/06/17
    11. Nubdigy [™۞], last active: 27/06/17
    12. RatS, last active: 09/07/17
    13. Derank Road To Silver 1, last active: 15/07/17
    14. Loli Rikka, last active: 16/07/17
    15. Bad Player, last active: 20/07/17
    16. Shoora, last active: 10/08/17
    17. ๖ۣۜKaren♪, last active: 11/09/17 (Today)
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  12. MGNMI

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  13. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Will be happy to accept you into the clan MGNMI :), meet me, ckit, keller or akagi on any server later and be sure to ask them to invite you in :)
  14. Cindy

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  15. timkit

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  16. Cavs

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  17. timkit

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  18. timkit

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    The main page has been recently updated. If anyone wants to join our clan, you'll have to wait until Sunday 28th January which is when I will be kicking out easye if he doesn't respond to me soon.
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  19. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Me or one of the co leaders will invite you when we see you ingame later on today :)
  20. JustChaw

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