[PR] Lolis In a Box - lvl50+ or active(play on a weekly basis)

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  1. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Guild Name: Lolis In a Box
    Leader IGN:
    【ℓ ღℓ i in a Box】
    Clan ranking: 6th
    Clan lvl: 20 All Benifits unlocked
    Main Servers: EU since more stable
    Clan tag:
    【ℓ ღℓ i】​

    Gif credit - Stefeman

    Times which I would be active: GMT +10 Afternoon Till Night (Brisbane, Australia Time)
    Link to the steam community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Loli_in_a_Box
    Donar Status: I have donated but do not currently have MG premium

    Description: A Clan where we all band together in the name of the Lolis!
    Leader [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/stats.mgftw.com\/sig.php?player_id=53207&background=random"}[/IMG2]

    Co-Leader [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/stats.mgftw.com\/sig.php?player_id=191433&background=random"}[/IMG2]

    Steam Group Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Lolis_In_A_Box

    If you are no longer in the steam group it will be assumed you are retired, and may be kicked to make room for newer players that wish to join. If you are inactive for 3 months the same applies, and will be removed from the group.

    Although not a requirement it is highly recommended you put on the clan tag:【ℓ ღℓ i】

    It acts as both advertisement for the clan and allows easy identification of players that are in the clan. More people that know about the guild, the more people will ask to join. The more active people we have, the more exp we all earn. Having more members on the same server will be more beneficial through slotless clan buffs (eg exp bonus, hp bonus etc).
  2. Stefeman

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  3. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Wow it fit perfectly
  4. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    best guild
  5. Roronoa_Zoro

    Roronoa_Zoro Junior Member

    Hi HC I wan asking I done buying electric tank are they automated buffed or not
    Coz I can't find them on buying menu on tank buying menu
    They have 1 normal tank 2 paranoia tank 3 clan tank 4 shaman 5 bloody tank 6 ice
    Can u fix that problem or give back my pr pills 3000 thx
  6. blackjackdaw24

    blackjackdaw24 Junior Member

    This reminds of me of a certain friend of mine xD.
    If theres a slot i would like to join this clan.
    Plus im new so yea would like to start fresh
    Steam IGN:Bon
    Steam Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198225625796/
    Usually play on any server as long as theres people but i play mostly in either HK or SIN COOP cuz my pings not bad in this servers.
    Thanks ill wait for reply.
  7. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    I'll invite you if i see you in game :P
  8. JustChaw

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  9. [Kor]Karmin

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