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Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Doctor Jones, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Everyone gets slaps on you erik. StromblaaD is just a top lad who's getting in on the action! :D
  2. erik

    erik Senior Member

  3. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Hello, Im the newest member of EOP and I wanted to introduce myself. Im a very new high level player so in terms of vs I haven't played much until now. I enjoy vs very much but before since I wasn't very upgraded and other things I didn't play vs much because I was working on my level and stuff on coop. Now that im level 200 and I have the Money and pills to upgrade im now a very active vs player. I don't care too much for tanks in vs, I would rather karma charge adward, smoker pull tom, or bitch slap erik. Don't let my stats fool u, I wont be shy to jump in and slap around the admins and old experienced players, but keeping the rules in mind so I wont get banned. No I don't have the highest points or the best stats. None of that matters. I just want to go out and karma slap some rushers. All u vs players are gonna be in a world of hurt, cause im going to bitch slap u all till theres nothing left but my boomer spit. Thanks for letting me join and see everyone in game! - Hawk
  4. Burntcheese

    Burntcheese Guest

    may i join this clan?
    1. In-Game name? Burntcheese
    2. Level (PR only)? 70
    3. What servers you usually play on? (Include location and type of game, i.e. USA COOP) HK PR COOP
    4. What time are you usually in game? 3-6pm PT

    5. Link to the steam community profile? http://steamcommunity.com/id/lookatthisimrich
    6. Are you donor? no
    7. How would you rate your knowledge about the server/mod/gameplay? fair
    8. Where are you from? (Area of the world, i.e. North America, Europe, Madagascar) USA west coast
    9. Anything else you want to share? very active, team player, i like pertaters, and the l4d2 trailer never gets old for me
  5. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I really like this. ;) I agree, same goes for me.

    Welcome to MG, btw. Ask if you need anything.
  6. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Part of me finds the sacrifice trailer super haunting and memorable. chills almost, top class stuff.
  7. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    I have noticed that most of our players are 200+ might want to start trying to get some lower levels (just an idea) Lower levels tend to play more. Most of us higher levels play now and then unlike lower levels who play all the time. I also like playing with lower levels and coaching them. Just to be clear im not trying to force any one to do anything just an idea. Welcome btw to the new players
  8. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    GREAT post. Some of you guys in EOP are real veterans of MG, with experience that is hugely useful to new players, especially in the daunting versus servers. It's great to see you guys opening up to admitting gamers who despite their level, have an attitude you think will make them a success.

    Good stuff.
  9. erik

    erik Senior Member

    You can also help matters by calling out those spitter tank siptter tank spitter tank nabes who insist on doing this no mater what. The ones who use their nabe hunters to target the level 1 first cuz they gotta have their precious fuckin assassination boost bullshit.

    There's only 3 or 4 in EOP, don't get me wrong, it's a good clan predicated on the most talented & competitive PRVS people. However, you've got a good attitude & outlook, so I wanted to specifically voice some real support for the corner you're turning lately, Hawk.

    But yeah, if they're ur clanmates... call them out. M3 sure does lol.
  10. Hawk

    Hawk Member

  11. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Even though I have made these ideas, I wouldn't have joined EOP if it wasn't a good clan already.
  12. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    I might be inactive for awhile due to that I work a job and go to school, and when I do get online vs is already over. I might drop in and play some coop or vs if there is a match going on. welcome to the new players- see you during Christmas break- Hawk
  13. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Please do welcome to EOP, gore!

    (and hurray for first invite)
  14. UndeadCow

    UndeadCow Junior Member

    In-Game Name: UndeadCow
    Level: 121 (PR Only)
    Most active on: EU PR
    When I play: 3:00pm-9:30pm
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046588940/
    Donor: No
    Knowledge : Fair
    Location : Poland

    I want to join this clan because I've played with other members of it and I think that I can fit in. I hope I can come and enjoy the game with you guys :)
  15. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Yeah like Roland when he's not busy getting targeted by trainspotting and me for revenge ;)
  16. Doctor Jones

    Doctor Jones MG Donor

    You got banned and you are mad about it. Seems like you are looking for a scapegoat for the one and only purpose to defile somebody's reputation. I know, there is always someone else to blame.

    I consider myself a fair leader, thats why my clanmates have all the freedom. If any clanmates have had any problems in the past, I always helped them, gave them tips and never intentionally ignored or mislead anyone. Also I'm the last person who would deny somebody a second chance. You're mistaking my passiveness for half-heartedness. When I empower the Co-Leaders to make decisions on their own, this not only is a gesture of trust, but also of respect (a lesson you still have to learn), and not indifference. From your post and our last conversation on steam I conclude that you deliberately focus on negative aspects only.

    I'm not mad at you for being wrong and a total douche about it, or at the other former clanmembers who jumped ship along with you. I'm here to play Zombie-Games, not to make drama talk. Think what you want to think about me and do whatever you want to do, Roland. Just keep your drama out of our way. Thanks.
  17. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Jones said it perfectly, but just going to add... erik, and we, the whole admin team don't have pets.

    We have gamers who we can have fun with and support in their approach to the game. They're fellow gamers and friends in the same way that I'm friends with people in other games.

    We're not here to play favourites, or to have drama, or to bring up old drama. We're gamers like you, that's all their is to it.
  18. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I'm going to post this once and only once. Roland, the only thing I'm guilty of is giving you too many chances as a gamer. No one is my pet, and I've banned more EOP members than any other admin. These accusations are outrageous and facile, and also the last refuge of a gamer who's pigeon-holed himself into one of the worst reputations I've ever seen on MG.

    You've had too many final warnings; any future posts of yours need to be in the spirit of someone who is on their last leg, because the whole drama act isn't cute anymore. It's not cute, funny, smart, or cool... and everyone else is tired of it.

  19. erik

    erik Senior Member

    No, I changed my mind, you're out.

    Sorry for changing my mind guys, but the whole "If you want, add me on Steam and I'll tell you all about it" thing just says he's going to keep on causing trouble no matter what we do.
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