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  1. Zoro

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    Creeps & Crazies


    Welcome to our guild chamber, a group of s-class insane individuals gathered to conqueror the world of L4D. We are a collective unit that had established a strong presence in the RPG server MGFTW. And we welcome any newcomers who wish to join in our epic, crazy journey!

    Reasons why you should consider being part of Creeps &Crazies.

    • Creeps & Crazies is a rapid climbing clan.
    • Holds group traditional firework celebration for new recruits.
    • We go weird during the game.
    • We are a dedicated clan
    • We have our own clan exclusive designed magnum skin :)
    • Nicest and most hilarious Leader, Co-leaders, and Members.


    Creeps & Crazies respect in-game rules and we expect new recruits rule them as well. That means do not rush, purposely blow up cars, startle witches, and always "Be nice to other players", especially newbies. Recognize Administrators, they will have the lMGl tag next to their names. So obey the rules or you will be kicked or worse, banned. :smiley-signs105: Note* If you do end up being banned. DO NOT PANIC. Go on the ban section in the MGFTW and check your ban time.

    For the members who enjoy playing the versus mode, DO NOT attempt to switch teams. Stay on the team that you were assigned to when you entered the game. Admins and even regular players stress about that regulation. So try not to forget about it or you might be kicked or banned. Some of our members and other players have been banned before for doing it. So I thought about posting this as a reminder! Thank you.

    Anyone is welcome to join our crazy little world and be insane along our side if he or she meets the criteria.

    • Must be active (Though this isn't strongly mandatory, members are still obligated to be somewhat active at least).
    • Follow MGFTW rules and regulations.
    • Good teamwork ethic.

    If any player wish to join our clan, reply to this forum page by give us the following information or contact the clan Leader or Co-leader:

    • In-game Name
    • Current Level
    • Steam ID
    • Current Rep
    • And a bit about yourself :)
    • DO NOT be shy to ask to join even if you don't meet the level requirement! Lower levels will also be considered upon the leader or Co-leaders' discretion.

    You can also visit our steam page here at the link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Cx2

    Clan Buffs
    Survivor Buffs

    Sharing Health
    Extra Knife
    Evilness Protection
    Leader Fanaticism
    Special Ammo Sharing
    Veteran Pistols
    Experience Farmers

    Infected Buffs

    Melee Wrecker
    Ice Shield
    Smart Hands

    Common Buffs

    Crafting Mastery
    Bounty Hunters
    Enhancement Stones Gone!

    0 Slot Open



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  2. Methadone Kitty

    Methadone Kitty MG Donor

  3. Ampelius

    Ampelius MG Donor

    You guys look like a really happy and bonded guild. :harp:
  4. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    Woo, i'm famous at 25s, :D

    Nice video :)
  5. Hallo every one im weedmand a moderator for Creeps and Crazies. I hope you all have a great time with us and on the mg servers, if you have any questions feel free to add me on steam and remember
  6. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Good luck guyyy with da clan
  7. Methadone Kitty

    Methadone Kitty MG Donor

    Thanks Hawk :cheer2:
  8. Methadone Kitty

    Methadone Kitty MG Donor

    Hatty I just realised there are a couple of people missing from the clan members list, so could you add them please..

    Fiddle Riddle Diddle Diddle!{C²}
    Andronikos Palaiologos
    ?FireSpread? {C²}

    Thankee Yous
  9. Zoro

    Zoro Junior Member

    Got it!
  10. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Kitty ur the leader, u should be updating the forum, not making straw ur slave lolol
  11. Methadone Kitty

    Methadone Kitty MG Donor

    LOL I swear I totally would, but Hatty is the only one who can edit it cos he gave birth to it or something
  12. Methadone Kitty

    Methadone Kitty MG Donor

    Not sure if you know or not Hatty Allen but Abooboo added someone today, so the page needs to be updated again.

    He's name is Adventure and there are 0 slots open at the moment.

    Thank Yous!!

  13. dafleo282

    dafleo282 Junior Member

    In-Game name : Draft
    Level : 96
    What servers you usually play on : mgftw.com Asia | Points Reloaded 16-COOP
    What time are you usually in game : 9.00AM-21.00PM
    Link to the steam community profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069939855
    Where are you from : Thailand
  14. Don528781

    Don528781 Junior Member

    Hi guys hi kitty
  15. Captain Ed

    Captain Ed New Member

    Hey, I'm a creepy memer so I guess I will fit in to your clan. Basically my only hobbies are video games and dank memes. Im available 11:00 AM - 02:00 AM (next day) during weekends and during the week it depends what shift I take in work. My sense of humour is so dark that it grew up without... nvm, MG might get angry for racist jokes.
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  16. Horama

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  17. Erika {C²}

    Erika {C²} New Member

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  18. Erika {C²}

    Erika {C²} New Member

    If you will change your mind, squeaky creepy door are open.

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