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[PR COOP] Confirmed Bug with |E| Beserk Buff

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by timkit [â„¢Ûž], Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hey'll, just found a confirmed bug in relation to the |E| Beserk Buff.

    Bug Name:
    - Song Continues while your dead when Beserk Buff is active.
    - The Beserk effect doesn't wear off while your dead and when its supposed to.
    Bug was Found: Approximately two hours ago while on MGftw COOP. making this post at the time 2 hours had passed.

    How did this bug happen?

    This Bug happens when you die while under the effect of the Beserk buff. As there is no trigger to stop the song and the effect when you die. the song will keep on going past your death. not sure about the effect itself since the bug occurred at the rescue vehicle just before the end of the campaign.

    This happened on the Crash Course campaign when i was fighting the Assassin tank at the end of the finale.

    Screenshots? Videos?


    The Youtube video below by me is a good example of this bug happening for the first time as i saw it, while doing MGftw COOP recording.

    FYI, the Beserk Buff is activated at 0:22 and doesn't end at 0:52 when it should because i was killed while the buff effect was activated.

    What can you do to fix the bug?

    As in the following quote below, change the description of the buff (while not adding in the * at the end)

    Thanks for reading, wanted to let admins know about the bug just in case it would cause any more unnecessary problems.

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