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  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    After much time and work, 1.8 has finally been released!

    The majority of the changes can be found in our changelog, available here, on in game with the !changelog command.

    This post will be used to cover some of the newer features in greater depth, but first of all, a small explanation.

    The patch was due to arrive in early March, however as HC became busy with real life commitments, I had to effectively solo the work for this patch. Due to this, some things aren't making it in this patch. The Clan Fortress idea won't be available in 1.8. It will probably be added in a future update down the line. The simple reason for not releasing it is as it'd end up delaying 1.8 even longer. Since it's so long overdue I decided to put it on hold for the time being. Additionally, some things that may have been accepted community ideas may not have made it either due to time constraints, or a second look at the ideas shown it not to work or just didn't fit in.

    That aside, here are some of the major changes:

    Level Cap
    The level cap has been increased to 250. With it comes a few new upgrade ranks for existing upgrades, as well as some new upgrades and skills.
    The Negotiator passive that was available to all survivors has been replaced by the Haggler Upgrade, found in the Others upgrade section. The main reason for this is to make the bounty cost reduction less arbitrary, and something to work towards instead of available immediately.
    The new level cap also comes with new Buff Slots available, at Level 235 and Level 245.

    If you are completely new to the concept of scenarios, you can check the 1.7 thread here which covers them in greater detail.
    In 1.8, there will be several new scenarios for you to enjoy, some repeatable and some one-offs. Chances are, you will probably end up failing them a few times to start with, but don't lose hope. Think of other tactics or buff setups and keep trying. We now have an internal logging system for scenario attempts which we can use to monitor how easy or hard a given scenario is. If after enough attempts we notice no progress is being made, we may then adjust the scenario to be easier, but don't give up so quickly! On the flip side, if a scenario is seen to be too easy, we will increase it's difficulty. We don't want a 0% success rate, but we also don't want an easy 100%.

    Crafting/Buff Enhancements
    Crafting has seen a major improvement, with many more crafting items spawning in the world for you to hunt down. With these, you will be able to craft new buffs, and an entirely new feature to buffs, buff enhancements. Buff enhancements are items that, when used, will permanently improve some characteristic of the buff, or grant a new ability when the buff is equipped. Do note that only 1 enhancement per buff can be equipped, so if a buff has 2 choices for enhancements, you will have to pick one. Buff enhancements are obtainable through the crafting interface, requiring crafting materials, money and FR-Pills. Crafting items can now also be bought in the FR-Pills market, but they are very expensive, costing 10,000 FR-Pills per piece. The high price is intentional, the market does not serve as the primary source for obtaining the materials and instead is a way to get that last piece you needed if you don't want to have to scavenge for it.

    Clans now can have up to 35 clan members, up from the previous 30. Additionally, Clans gain access to the Clan Crafting and the Clan Inventory.

    Clan Crafting
    Extending the crafting feature is Clan Crafting. Clan crafting is similar to regular crafting but instead uses the clan's own inventory instead of a player's own. Clan inventories by default are empty and won't gain anything on their own. Clan members must send items they own into the clan inventory such that the items can be used for crafting. Do note that crafting materials being sent are one way. Once they are in the clan inventory, there is no way to get them back, so be careful you don't send too much that you have none for yourself. Any member can send items to their clan inventory, but only clan co-leaders or leaders can use them for crafting. New clan benefits, a few buff enhancements and new items, including the Binder, can be obtained from Clan Crafting. A Buff Enhancement Remover can also be crafted from Clan Crafting but it is an expensive craft, and should be avoided for the sake of your clan! The Binder craft also comes with a drawback, inflicting fear against your clan. Your fear level must be 0 to craft the Binder and upon craft it becomes 100. The only way to reduce fear is by completing scenarios. Each scenario clear reduces fear for the clan by 1 point per clan member, up to 4 points per clan per scenario.

    A myriad of new buffs have been added for survivors to buy at various levels, and in a few cases, to craft. A lot of the older buffs have seen changes too, some underused buffs have been improved, or changed outright to try to give them some purpose. On the flip side, some more overpowered or overused buffs have been nerfed. Whilst no-one likes buff nerfs, not even me, they have to be done to maintain balance. Not doing so would make the game very easy and people would lose interest a lot faster in the game, as everything becomes a cake walk. You can say 'increase health/damage' as a way to avoid nerfs, but all that does is make it tougher for the people without the buff, especially new players. One thing to note is that we will never nerf a buff into uselessness. If after a nerf it ends up being underused, it may come back with an improvement down the line.

    Tank Changes
    Whilst no new Tanks have been added to the general spawning pool, just about every Tier 2 and Tier 3 tank has seen some improvement to make them a more formidable force. Be on the lookout for new abilities!

    Infected Changes
    The infected themselves have also seen some changes. Instead of just picking all skills and buffs available based on level, Special infected now use difficulty profiles that are hand picked to make them more balanced in early levels, and more challenging in the later levels. This has also allowed us to tailor experience given, which in general has lead to more experience being rewarded in the higher levels.

    Versus Changes
    All players, regardless of their level, now have access to every single Upgrade and Skills for both Survivors and Infected. Some are available at lower ranks to maintain balance. This is done such that new players won't be intimidated by the idea of joining a server at Level 1 and getting instantly killed by stronger, higher level infected. Buffs however, have been left as is, as in VS they are seen as more of a bonus than a necessity, and gives players the choice to decide how they want to play with certain buffs. As this is a global change it may be possible that certain aspects may be too weak or too strong, do let us know and report back with any feedback. Additionally, all valid players (joined from the start and didn't change team) will now earn 1 Honor Point regardless if they lost or drew the game.

    Bounty has been made harder to obtain, with many sources giving less bounty, or less frequently. Make your purchases count!

    Reputation now affects EXP earning, having a low reputation will drastically reduce the amount of EXP you will earn, whereas having a positive rep will gain bonus EXP.

    That about covers the major changes, the rest can be found in the changelog above. If any bugs are found, please do submit them here with reproducible steps so we can work on fixing them as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy the work put into this update!
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  2. marvel

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    Nice job :)
  3. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    i love reading this kind of stuffs. :)
  4. Atlas

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    Nice job mute :)
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Thanks for the update mute. I can tell that you had to put in a lot of hard work alone to make it happen...

    It's just Day one of the update and I can already see myself having more fun. Anyways I'll be sure to update all those guides that need updating so everyone has the latest in update to date information on everything to do with mgftw :)

    Looking forward to the clan fortress and other features to come out over the next several months too :D
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  6. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Coming in with a small post-launch update with regards to some feedback:
    • Changed Tenacity medkit usage decay from 100% -> 50% -> 25% to 100% -> 66% -> 33%
    • Reduced incoming Tenacity damage amp from +5 to +3
    • Reduced various tank fire damage values (mainly inferno)
    • Changed Random mutation chance from 1/275 to 1/400 in COOP
    • Only 1 Tier 3 tank will be allowed to spawn randomly (with a Tier 3 tank alive, the chance of the next tank being Tier 3 will be 0%)
    • Joke's on You spitter buff now only half effective in COOP (buff is on Uber Spitters only)
    • Fixed Deadly Shove being blocked by infected in temporary god mode but consuming a charge
    • Disabled Dark Vomit Boomer skill in COOP
    • Disabled Acid Claw Spitter skill in COOP
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  7. SL8TER

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    Big thx to mute & hc , alot of work went into this.
    Kudos to marvel who while we have fun in-game he battles the ddosing scumbags trying to bring it down:smiley-whacky007:

    Awesome job guys
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  8. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Some more changes to balance things a little better:
    • Fixed Supreme Infernal's Fire Shield unintentionally healing it
    • Supreme Shaman drain now heals for 5x damage dealt instead of 10x
    • When a tank teleports, it's ability cooldowns are increased by 2 seconds, giving survivors some time to react.
    • If after taking damage, a Tank has not punched a survivor for 15 seconds (10 if in Scenarios), it will activate the tank's stuck teleport mechanism. This is done to resolve an issue where the Tank may be stuck but is not standing still and thus is not being picked up by the Tank's stuck check.
    • When a survivor dies, all aggro will be cleared on them
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  9. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Some more balance changes:
    • Reduced Spitter and Charger overall damage output (base damage and some infected buff damage bonuses were reduced)
    • Spitter spit cooldown increased
    • After a stun on a survivor ends, they are now immune to future stuns for 5 seconds.
    • Glutton and Supreme Glutton now move/attack even more slowly for each survivor in belly
    • Fixed a bug where a survivor's defense reduction value would not have a cap. This would not result in negative defense, but would result in them potentially taking a long time to fully decay. Defense reduction now has a cap of 90%. (Decay rate is still 1%/3 seconds)
    • Charger's stun now wont activate on damage return effects
    • Reduced range of Charger's revenge
    • Increased spawn chance of Steroid Injector
    • Reactive Revival clan benefit was changed to also activate when a clan member revives a target
    • Healing Shocks buff time before activating reduced to 3 seconds and now requires 15 damage taken to disable heal
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  10. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    So there has been a number of unlisted changes since my last update but I feel this one is of moderate importance and thus everyone should know about it.

    A new command has been added, !freeme. The intent of this command is to help players who find themselves stuck inside props or out of bounds, and the !stuck command failed to help. The way it works is, upon using the command, the server will generate a list of survivors that meet the following conditions:
    • The survivor is alive and is visible to you
    • The survivor is at least 80 units away from you, but inside 200 units away
    • The survivor is on the ground
    Upon using the command, you will teleport to the chosen survivor's position in 5 seconds as long as you do not move and do not take damage during this time. If successful, the command goes on cooldown for 60 seconds to prevent spamming it. This command is enabled on both COOP and scenarios but not on VS for the time being to see how effective it is.

    Do note that usage of this command is logged fully, and thus if found to be exploited in some way the command will be disabled, so avoid doing so.

    Additionally, a new option has been added to the quest interface, 'Quest To-do List', which will show a list of all the tasks you need to perform to complete all of your active quests. You can select one of the options to view the main panel for that quest. This will come in handy for people with several quests so they can view them all at once instead of having to go between each quest.
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    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    nice update mute waiting for more like this.
  12. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Nice update that you guys did to the quests, it'll help out some players who have a lot of quests they need to get done :)
  13. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Another small update, this post will also cover some stuff that changed a while ago but I'm mentioning them in the event some people missed them:

    • SG552 Rifle Scoped damage increased to 55
    • Fixed SG552 Rifle not being affected by fire rate modifiers when scoped
    • Pump Shotgun damage increased to 33x10
    • Chrome Shotgun damage increased to 41x8
    • Pump Shotgun and Chrome Shotgun now ignore non-tank SI defenses
      • This makes them consistent across all difficulties as high damage, low speed weapons
    • All shotguns now gain a x2 damage modifier for headshots instead of the default x1.25
    • Desert Rifle burst interval decreased, increasing rate of fire
      • This change brings the desert rifle on par with the other rifles' DPS
    • If a survivor has temporary health, taking damage will now decrease the temporary health first instead of permanent health
      • This change makes Pills/Adrenaline more useful as they can now be most effectively used any time rather than with low permanent health
    • Clan scenario crafting item cost slightly increased but chance increased to 30%.
      • This change was performed to make the crafting slightly less weighted on chance
    • Map spawn items that can be sent to clan now have 3 charges, allowing 3 different people from different clans to pick them up
    • Fixed a bug where Unstoppable was causing people to get stuck after getting charged
    • Fixed a bug where Boomer claw hits would disable move speed bonuses until another SI pinned the survivor
    • Fixed an animation bug where reloading a weapon with high reload speed causes the walking animation after to stay sped up
    • Piercing Bullets now gives +2% damage with the Hunting Rifle
    • Ranged Expert no longer halves flat bonuses, fire rate penalty reduced to 20%
      • This buff ended up being rather too strong as a result of this change, to compromise, fire rate penalty increased to 30% and now doesn't benefit from any attack bonuses from buffs, including flat bonuses (upgrades/skills still work). The purpose of this buff is to be somewhat strong against tanks while only using 1 buff slot, and the fact that it out-damages those with 3-4 tank offensive buffs makes no sense. I'll have to do more monitoring to see if it's sufficiently balanced or not.
    • Courage Auras (Warrior/Supreme Knight) now only give half bonuses to Tanks
    • If a player has Infirmary buff equipped, and has a medkit as their secondary health item, they will immediately switch to the medkit as their primary health item upon being incapacitated
      • This allows them to use the medkit to self revive if needed
    • Tier 3 tanks no longer spawn in the first 60 seconds of a scenario
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  14. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Some more changes, some based on user requests:
    • Weapons will now automatically have a laser sight attached to them on first pickup (except in some situations).
      • Laser can be toggled off with !laseroff command
    • Single pistol base damage increased to 48 (dual pistol unchanged)
    • EXP toasters now give a different range of values if the player is Level 201 or higher:
      • Players below Level 201 EXP earned is unchanged (15-1500)
      • Players Level 201 or higher now earn a random value between 1500-3000
    • Finale win rewards are now given to all players, dead or alive
    • Finale win rewards are now doubled for players Level 201 or higher, as long as they are alive
    • Added a 50% bonus to finale rewards if 10+ survivors survived
    • Steadfast Aim damage penalty reduced to 15%
    • Hidden Strength changes:
      • Player count requirement increased to 6
      • Move speed penalty reduced to 30%
      • When the respawn is successful, you gain 20 seconds of immunity to Special Infected pins
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  15. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    you dont do anymore the changelog ingame ?
  16. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I like to think of these as still part of 1.8. At some point in the future I'll put all these changes into the changelog. I also want the changelog in game to have it's most latest entry be the 1.8 release since there's so much to it that some people might still need to catch up to all the changes.
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  17. Horama

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    I like know and even share to my clan , true , okay , because i see usually veteran players of mgftw do it after a break

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