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    The somewhat overdue Clan Fortress, originally intended for the 1.8 update, is now available, among some other changes.

    Clan Fortress
    Each week, clan members can amass points that, on Mondays (except this first Monday), will be tallied up. The clan with the most points will own one of the two fortresses for the whole week. Two types of points are available, Community and Domination Points, which go towards owning one of the two fortresses, the Prison and the Helm's Deep fortress. After awarding the fortresses, the points are then reset to be re-earned for the week.

    Community Points are earned by completing COOP maps with as many survivors alive as possible. The more survivors that make to each safe room or successfully escape a finale, the more points everyone is awarded. Finale maps will award more points than regular maps. Completing a scenario will also award 1 point to all who participated. Players who join a map late will gain less points based on how far into the map they joined.

    Domination Points are earned by playing VS matches. Players will earn points equal to the number of Honor Points they earn for the map, including for losses and draws. Thus, playing better will award more points, but losing will still earn you something. Another way of earning these points will be discussed later.

    Owning a fortress gives special benefits to the clan and to its members.

    Owning the Prison fortress will grant all clan members +100% bonus experience for the whole week, as well as giving the clan 4 free tries at completing the Prison scenario. This means that, the clan can attempt the scenario 4 times without the need of the Prison Key.

    Owning the Helm's Deep fortress will grant all clan members +100% Honor Points from VS games for the whole week, as well as giving clan members 4 free tries at completing the Helm's Deep scenario. Like the previous, this will allow attempts at the scenario without a Helm's Deep ticket.

    The free attempts at scenarios still require active quests.

    Owning either fortress also will grant a 20% discount in the FR-Pill Market, and awards the clan some unique tank spawning items. Upon being awarded a fortress, the clan will gain the following items:
    • 4x Tank Bait
    • 3x Tank Beacon (Tier 1)
    • 2x Tank Beacon (Tier 2)
    • 1x Tank Beacon (Tier 3)
    The Tank Bait item can be used to force Tank Frenzy on any non-finale map. The item must be used before a survivor leaves the starting safe room.

    The Tank Beacon items can be used to immediately spawn a random tank of the given tier. There are a few conditions behind these items, such as not being able to spawn in safe rooms, or not being able to spawn more tanks than human players. Conditions aside, this allows clan leaders or co-leaders to have a mini-event akin to what us admins perform. You can arrange your clan to join a certain server and use the items at once, or space them out and use them whenever, the choice is yours.

    One important note about these items is that there is a restriction on how many a clan can have. A clan can only hold a maximum of 5 of each item. If a clan gains ownership of a fortress and ends up with over 5, the excess will be lost! You have the whole week to use them, but be sure to do so before it ends.

    If a clan is eligible to own both fortresses, one will be picked at random, with the other going to whoever came in second place for that fortress. Once a clan owns a fortress, they are unable to earn points towards that same fortress for the week they own it, but they can earn points towards the other fortress.

    Clan Rebellion
    A new feature behind Clan Fortress not previously mentioned is the Clan Rebellion. The basic gist of it is to allow some somewhat controlled Survivor PvP, or the concept of PK present in MMOs. Rebellion allows a clan leader or co-leader to turn their clan rebellious. In doing this, all clan members of the rebellious clan on the server become hostile, allowing rebel clan members to freely shoot and kill those not part of the rebelling clan, and vice versa. Upon killing a hostile survivor, the killer will earn:
    • 160 * [Enemy Level] experience points
    • $3 * [Enemy Level] cash
    • 1 Honor Point (not affected by Helm's Deep fortress benefit)
    • 1 Domination Point (if clan doesn't own Helm's Deep fortress)
    Kills by the rebelling clan also have a small chance to reward some unique inventory items. The chance increases slightly for each kill. These items, for now, cannot be obtained by other means. What are these new items? Go rebellious and find out...

    There are a few rules behind this to make it reasonable:
    • Rebellion can only be performed by the clan once a week (refreshes when they own a new fortress)
    • Rebellion can only be performed on COOP servers (not scenario/VS)
    • Rebellion will increase a clan's fear level by 50, so it must be 50 or below to start
    • Rebellion will last for 20 minutes upon activation and cannot be stopped unless the rebelling clan clears the server. Do note that this time frame may be subject to change.
    • Players not in a clan below Lv. 150 or those in a clan and below Lv. 100 cannot participate, and thus cannot deal or be dealt damage via Rebellion
    • Players in safe room's cannot be hurt, and cannot be hurt for 15 seconds at the start of a new round
    • Only 1 clan can be rebellious on the server at once
    Depending on which fortress a clan owns, they also gain some small benefits while a rebellion is active:
    • Owning the Prison fortress makes clan members take 15% less damage from hostile survivors
    • Owning the Helm's Deep fortress makes clan members deal 15% more damage to hostile survivors
    A final note, this system was implemented mainly for a bit of controlled fun that can be performed when us admins aren't around, (because we know how much you love shooting us) so we'd appreciate it if this didn't become some forefront for non-sense drama.

    Torn Ticket Drop Changes
    The chance of torn ticket drops have been slightly increased. Additionally, Tier 3 tanks now have modified drops. If the first of the two torn ticket drops is successful (killing the tank quickly) the second ticket drop will instead be a Torn Love Ticket drop (fewer survivors dead when tank dies).

    Clan NPC Alliance (Pact Quest)
    Prior to this update, only Clan Leaders could finish the 'Pact' Quest, limiting some clans if their leader was inactive or busy. Now, clan Co-Leaders can also finish this quest, allowing their clans access to the Eradication daily scenario quests (the requirements to start the scenario have not changed).

    Clan Leavers Penalty
    To prevent people playing musical chairs with clans to try to join the clan in a certain Fortress, if a clan member leaves their clan for any reason (kicked or by choice), they will be unable to join a new clan for 3 days.

    New Craftables
    Several new craftable buffs and buff enhancements, as well as a new craftable clan benefit have been added with this update. Buff enhancements have been moved to their own craftable section providing more detailed information about them. The new craftable buffs have been added as something for late game players to work towards, having extremely high requirements, but hopefully rewarding payoff. To help with these requirements, the spawn chance of map items have been increased slightly.

    A few other minor things have also changed which can be found in the changelog at the top of the site or in game. A lot of work has gone into this update which explains the time it took. Thanks for the patience, and enjoy this new update!
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  2. timkit

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    Nice job with the update mute.

    It was worth the patience waiting for the clan fortress update and it's now here :)

    I definitely look forward to returning to mgftw soon and enjoying it.
  3. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    Finally, the Clan Fortress update is here. I have waited for this as well. and since I had real-life commitments I was unable to game for a while, but I will be back soon. Thanks for the update, Mute.
  4. Cavs

    Cavs New Member

    is it possible to check the current standings for the clans that are leading the community and domination points?
  5. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I can look into adding this.

    Unfortunately due to a date tracking bug the daily checker ran the code to award fortresses incorrectly and thus started to award fortress ownership too early. The bug has been fixed but unfortunately all the earned points on day 1 were lost. Thankfully it was only one day's worth, but I apologize for the inconvenience and lost progress.

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