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Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by marvel, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. marvel

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    This year we'll have a Christmas lottery and there will be some premium items to win! What do you have to do to win? It's very easy. Just reply to this topic with your Steam ID! Check your !cp in-game if you don't know it or check HLStatsX.

    When the lottery ends we will randomly hand out the prices based on the reaction number. So let's say there will be 100 reactions to this topic and we pick 56, then the 56th reaction wins the price, and so on.

    Here's the prices!!

    1th: Points Reloaded 50x Ultimate Booster.
    2nd: Points Reloaded 20x Platinum Booster.
    3rd: Points Reloaded 10x Elite Booster.
    4th: Points Reloaded x5 Booster.
    5th: Points Reloaded x3 Booster.
    6 - 10th: 1 month MG Premium account.

    Of course there are rules! Nobody likes rules but we need them to prevent misuse:

    • The lottery will close December 25th, 00:00 CET. Any replies after that date are not included in the draw.

    • All MG Staff is exempted from this lottery (sry :P).

    • If your Steam ID is wrong, or you didn't add one to your reply then that's tough luck to you but you won't get your price.

    • Prices are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
      E.g. let's say you win the x50 booster then you won't be able to exchange it for five 10x boosters or something else. What you get is what you'll have to use. Be happy you won! You can however, in the spirit of christmas, donate your gift to another player.

    • You can only enter once. So don't try to reply multiple times, if you do you'll be automatically banned from this lottery. Don't try to use multiple accounts as well because we'll find out.

    • You can't win twice or more. In the event where we randomly pick an already winning number we'll just draw again.
  2. Scorpion

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  3. Gore

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    Good luck guys!
  4. Ampelius

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    Happy holidays. :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  5. Alixaure

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  6. Guest

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    May the luckiest person win!
  7. Lovatic

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    Good luck to everyone and happy holidays with many presents!
  9. Tenyson

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  10. Adward

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    50x booster, jesus!

    good luck to all involved!
  11. STEAM_0:0:78525268
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    ALL MINE !!!
  15. Vivid

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    Good luck all!
  16. BunkerKillar

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    Good Luck Everybody xD
  17. sa BOT eur

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    Happy holidays everyone~

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