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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by clark009, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. clark009

    clark009 Junior Member

    please revive server asia and other server, thank you
  2. clark009

    clark009 Junior Member

    seriously no one any admin reply this post???
  3. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    From what I understand, the Asia server is offline because of constant DDOS attacks that make it hard to play for gamers and hard to find a service provider in the region that can mitigate the attack, keep the server up, and be reasonably priced. It is not necessarily a money issue or having players issue, but it is hard to host a game that is always under attack by morons :D
  4. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    There are no infrastructure in Asia that can block the DDoS attacks we are receiving.

    The server would be down 24/7 because of the DDoS attacks. As soon as you can link us a provider that provides anti-DDoS in asia for reasonable price we will consider it. As far as we know, there are none.. And those who offer this kind of service, usually limits it to 500 Mbps - 2 Gbps which is not enough as 99% of the attacks in 2015 exceeded 5 Gbps on average.
  5. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    I think I got something for the ddos attacks probleb,if I am right about it then i'll tell you soon as possible​
    we had a gta server before we had tgh same problem off ddos attacks but I ve unlocked something to protect the server but it was 2late any way I'll see what I can do once I log again i'll ve answere
  6. If all of you people remember the head root admins posts from almost 8 months back...

    Marvel: OVH's anti-ddos. It has a capacity of I believe up to 500 gbps. It's never needed though, just its existence is enough because usually the attackers try for 5 minutes then notices it's just a waste of his resources and gives up. It's pretty amazing technology.

    Stefeman: ​If and when OVH decides expand into Asia, we could get a long term server from there. (I would even fund it myself)

    Marvel: There were rumors last year they were opening DC's in Germany and Asia. It would be awesome to have their VAC anti-ddos in Asia as well, I'm sure they would get a lot of customers.

    If you all wanted to read further ahead about more than just the above 3 posts. they came from here: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-g...al-announcements/124419-singapore-server-down

    The posts here talk about OVH's anti-ddos, which is the one thing that protects the EU servers that mgftw has from DDOS attacks. its 100 times more effective at defending DDOS attacks than one only protecting against 5Gbps on average (what stefeman posted earlier).

    You know, if the ASIA servers were also able to get the OVH anti-ddos stuff in the future, it would be a whole lot more beneficial to all of us players who in the past have played on ASIA COOP, myself included :D (I can guarantee you that there is almost 100% of mgftw ASIA players who still miss the ASIA COOP server to this very day and for the future ahead.)

    Now just one final thing that people should understand (the most important thing, don't get your hopes up) (this comes from raz btw, so I thought I would include it here)

    ​|MG| raz: people don't realise servers cost money
    |MG| raz: they get to play on them for free
    |MG| raz: even when they get ddos'd
    |MG| raz: they still cost money
    |MG| raz: but still appear and say "omgomgomgomomgogmomg bring back asia"

    A valid point for why administrators have to pay for the servers so that people can play on them.

  7. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    Well said Timikit I just knew that the ddos protection cost lot of money also there is some ideas that u can put windows fire wall with the server idk about it still got low info's
  8. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Which is about as useful as trying to flap your arms while you jump in order to fly..

    Take a host "H" for example, who hosts the server "S" for you. Now an attacker "A" is sending an ddos attack towards your server.

    At first the attack arrives to the network of the "H", where it will either be dropped (null routed), or mitigated (filtered) by the networking equipments of the "H", or in worst case ignored which is like a fire in airplane that spreads everywhere disturbing everything and anything and eventually pulling the whole shit down.

    - If it's dropped, the server which is the target will lose connection as the "H" decides to null route your ip-address to save bandwidth costs and/or save his own network and other customers so only you suffer for it.

    - If it's mitigated, the host will attempt to filter it with it's bandwidth capacity and network equipments.. This will cost them money as nothing is free in this world. Even more so at Asia, where all traffic is ten times as expensive as it is in europe or USA. For OVH this works well as they have multiple fat pipes with low cost connections to around the world centralized in places where it's inexpensive to handle insane amounts of traffic. After the attack traffic is filtered, the remaining traffic will be routed to your server which is behind 1 Gbps connection.. Here is where it gets tricky, if you have 100mbps connection instead and the filtering is not able to clear everything, the remaining routed traffic could exceed what your connection can handle "i.e 130 Mbps" which in this case downs your server even if its behind anti-ddos.

    - If it's ignored, usually the host has no anti-ddos methods or is simply incompetent in which case everyone suffers including the host itself. Imagine 1 server getting flooded which results in 300 servers lagging or going down because of that one customer. Now obviously the host will end up kicking you out. as it will solve their problems without having to invest into anti-ddos or expensive traffic bill due a single customer.

    In asia they usually either ignore the attack and everyone suffers, and later they will kick the person out.. However in our case, the host null routed us solving the attack problem and then letting us pay for a service which is down 24/7 due attack.

    According to your idea, if you just put firewall rules and rely on them, it means you rely on the connection speed of your server to mitigate the attack.. if your port is 1 Gbps and the attack is over that, the result is downtime.
  9. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    ok setfe your right but I ve got little ideas so the first is that you can connect hot spot shield but as you said it make ur internet slower but if you can test it if it will be good. also another 1 is keep changing the Ip server constantly or get a proxy for the ip so when some 1 ddos he do it on the wrong ip but in that case ppl won't know about the reall ip for the server but the best way as you said stefe the ITT guys for protection but it cost hight so I think there is no way without side effects to stop the ddos
  10. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Of course we have considered GRE tunnels, VPN's and BGP sessions but the ping/latency will be increased so much it would be actually worse for Asia players than using the EU/USA servers in the first place lol.

    First off, those said anti-ddos points are all located in EU/USA, so to protect the server in Asia, all traffic would have to go through those points, and the travel back to Asia litererally making the distance double up.


    As you can see from the image.. Just imagine the ping.. I'd say it would be easily above 500
  11. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    How about we whitelist players by IP and block everyone else! /s :D :D :D
  12. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    The community would die out in a week. It's also wasted effort as by the time the traffic hits the router and we'd be able to accept, deny, or drop the connection, the destruction has already been done by the attack..

    And even if this somehow magically worked against all technical logic, how many of us actually have an unchanging static public ip-address to whitelist? :P Mine changes every other day.
  13. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    /s mean sarcastic heh
  14. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    i guess the only choice to ve protection is money as they say :money talks
  15. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    As far as I know, the only thing out there in Asia than can hold against DDoS attacks would be the Chinese search engine Baidu or Japanese CDN Akamai (which Steam uses for their websites)
  16. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    idk but I think no 1 will attack steam sites bec it make's no competition that why the server getting ddos attacks bec the mods are making serious competitions with other servers

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